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Essay What are the different ways that the Europeans destroyed Indian populations in the first 00 years after Columbus? How much of it was deliberate? Is there any excuse for their behavior?

There were so many different ways that the exploring countries of Europe treated the American Indians. Many years after Christopher Columbus landed in the Bahamas, many followed in his footsteps in sailing to the west. The Indians of South America were victims of the gold-digging Spanish. In South America, the Spaniards were in control. These sailors brutally handled the Indians. They destroyed so many tribes that were no match for their horses and guns. The Indians women were raped and some captured for the Spanish men, since they didn’t bring any women with them.

The Spanish “Conquistadors” also destroyed the great civilization of the Aztec and took all their gold. With the conquering of Mexico and the Caribbean, the Spaniards enslaved the Indians. The Indians, fortunately escaped or they died from the hard labor and diseases. This conquering and treachery were all done for the reason to Christianize the Indians. Instead the Spaniards stole the Native Indians’ gold, left cases of smallpox and only misery behind. There is no reason for this evil behavior except greed.

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A century later after the destruction that the Spaniards had on the Indians it was the English’s turn. The landing of English sailors for colonizing failed somewhat the first couple tries. With Elizabeth I as Queen, the explorers had many chances to sail out to conquer more land for Great Britain. With the earliest landing in Jamestown, Indians greeted the English warmly and coldly. As the colonist began to settle in, so did their germs and diseases. These diseases and bacteria were exposed to the Native Indians. Smallpox, malaria and other dangerous diseases destroyed entire villages of Indians.

The destruction of so many Indians left only a limited number in New England; but there were many Indians who left the east and went towards the west. The Indians who went to the west did a unknown crime and spread the “white-man’s” diseases like rapid fire. By the time some Indians got to the west, their destination of relative Indians were wiped out. The Europeans killed the Indians even more with their evil guns. Though the spread of diseases to the Indians were not enough suffering, the settlers created more destruction through raiding innocent tribes and killing them all. This evil act was due to racism. Europeans were snakes back then, and wanted everything to themselves, even the death of a culture. There was never an intention to spread the diseases to the Indians, but with less Indians, there was more land. With killing the Indians, there was more a chance to increase the population of America, and less a threat.

With the rise for the demand of sugar in the Caribbean and the need for tobacco in the U.K, the need for slavery did too. Though Indians were captured and tortured as slaves they died easily and rapidly. The deed of this slavery to the Indians is due to the greed for money and power of land and wealth. The slavery was deliberate because the Europeans needed labor, while the killing was not.

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U.S History AP

Period 1 � 01

September , 00

Essay What differences were there in the European treatment of Indians and Africans in North America and in South America? Why?

The Europeans treated the Indians and Africans differently in the North and South. The Indians were the subjects of diseases in both the North and South. The Spaniards in the South killed and took all the Indians’ gold. The killing was due to the greed for gold and land. While in the North the English settlers spread the diseases of smallpox and malaria like a fire. The diseases killed off so many tribes that when more settlers came, there were vast open lands of nothing. The Indians were wiped out by 5% due to the diseases that were never exposed to them. The English never thought that the Indians were immune to their diseases, but they didn’t go away. The English needed more land and with Indians being killed and having diseases, the more land and gold there was.

The treatments of the slaves in the South were more brutal than the North. Indians who were slaves usually died easily or most ran away. They were never good at being captivated and being enslaved. In the North there were a limited amount of slaves and if they died, the owner would have to buy more, and they were expensive. The servants were more harassed and raped, but had better food and sleeping quarters. The workers out in the plantation were less treated to luxury and harassment. The Africans in the south were less likely to be important. If one died it could be replaced by another slave. The rapid population of slaves in the Americas was outstanding. The Caribbean is basically made up of the slave descendants. This treatment was deliberate. The beatings and raping were due to the fact the owners had the money and wealth over another person’s life. With that life they could do whatever they wanted. The treatment was a reason to control the slaves and imprison them into a life of misery.

Different countries conquered the North and the South. The land of the North destroyed the Indians and took the land and made it into a tobacco industry. The Spanish took the stolen goods back home from the South and killed off all the Indians there. The plantations in the south and north held slaves that were normally beaten and who starved to death. The only difference in all this pain is their need to conquer. The English did it for land, gold, and glory. The Spaniards did it for God, gold and glory. They killed and enslaved basically the same the only difference is when.

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