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Drop the Bomb?

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Drop the Bomb?

Was the bomb necessary in the procuring of Japans surrender I think not. I believe that it was a two pronged attack. One prong was meant to maybe get revenge on the Japs and the other to put fear in the soviets.

Now so far as getting at the Japs I believe that the fact that the Japanese military had been broken speaks for its self. Even though there was an estimated ,000,000 on the homeland and that there was artillery enough to outfit them did not mean much. I mean if Japan were still wanting to war on us they could have shot that artillery at our planes and ships pounding the, as it stood there was no effort or none noted that they resisted the raids or even could. The spirit of the military was crushed. Another point towards this was the fact that the Japanese government began seeking help from the Russian government to start negotiations with the U.S., this was not unknown to our government, on the contrary we had intercepted messages from the Japanese officials instructing their ambassador in Russia to do what ever needed to obtain Russia’s help in the negotiations. These facts seemed to slip through our government’s grasp of understanding because they stilled perceived Japan as a major threat. Another point to be brought up is the fact that our president at the time wanted the “bomb” ready for his Potsdam conference. He wanted the bomb to be his wild-card so to speak. Now that only works if the person you want to surprise has seen what the “bomb” could do. So, Truman pushed for the bomb to be made ready before the conference. At the conference he was informed that the bomb had been tested with good results, and he immediately began to “take over the conference”, He became more aggressive because he had such a weapon ready in our arsenal. Again though it hadn’t been seen by the Russians what the bomb could do. So, when the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima the Russians beheld the power we now possessed. Another possibility for dropping the bomb might have been just to prevent Russia from entering the war, because if they entered the war we would have to deal with their territory grabs and that meant possible spreading of communism to the east, which was unacceptable. Now if the Japs surrendered before the Russians got involved then we wouldn’t have to deal with that the bombs were the “answer” here again. As to the scientists working on the bomb they recommended that we just show what the bomb could do by dropping it on some uninhabited island. The counter point to this is that there was a committee put together to deal with this problem of how and where to use the bomb, but these people were all generals and politicians who had something to gain from hitting Japan with the bomb. Now it had also been said that the dropping of the bombs had saved lives that would have been spent on an invasion. I refer you to the point that the Jap army was already crushed in spirit and had been mostly decimated. The unconditional surrender that we demanded would have been met, if we decided to meet with the Japanese ambassador, because the only stipulation they asked for was the one we were going to give to them after the dropping of the bombs. In the end we wound up letting them keep their emperor and everything that they were going to ask was what we gave them, so doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of the bombs being dropped? It has been said that the Japs wanted to accept the surrender of their own troops so that. So far as the Japanese leaders making it seem as if they had disbanded their armies to save the world from the ravages of war and to open opportunity to start again later, well the only way that would work is if we didn’t have war criminal trials for the leaders and if we didn’t occupy the land for security. Now if we had the ability to crush them like this and then they refused the trials and occupying we could have just held out longer and made them suffer plus the soviet military would be joining in our war against them, brining more enemies then they could possibly handle in their battered shape. In essence what I am saying is that they would have given in to the U.S.’s demand because it was the only option. About the drop dates of the bombs I don’t really think there was anything going on there. Now the argument that the U.S. was not sucessful with the policies in europe just meant that using the bombs now could give us the opportunity to go back and change the current policies. All in all the U.S. could have won on their terms if they had not dropped the bombs. The bombs were nothing more than an attempt to show our power to another nation at the cost of innocent lives. It is and was a horrible thing to do.

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