Thursday, 16 June 2011

Osama Bin Laden v. The Pope

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When one thinks of the pope, a connection to Osama Bin Laden is not usually made. As impossible as it may seem, these two men are very similar. Osama Bin Laden and the pope, although extremely individual, are similar in many ways.

The pope is the head of the Catholic church. This position, currently held by Pope John Paul II, earns the immediate respect of millions of Catholics all around the globe. The pope is very rich and has many guards that watch him twenty four hours a day. He is considered completely holy. Anything he says is to be accepted as the undisputed will of God. The popes are usually Caucasian, but they travel all over the world spreading the good news of the Lord to believers and infidels alike. The pope is considered by most, especially Catholics, to be a worker of good; a servant of God tirelessly working to win souls to the Lord.

Osama bin Laden is the head of a network of terrorists known as Alkadia. He has a complete hatred for the United States of America and is famous for organizing the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 001. Although many Americans hate Osama for what he did, he is loved by his followers. They see him as a liberator and their only hope of escape from American oppression. Osama feels as though America is meddling in Islamic affairs that are no business of the United States. He does not see his actions as terrorism. He feels as though he is simply retaliating against America’s oppression of the Islamic nations. Osama comes from a very wealthy family, but he ironically lives in a cave. Osama is working to rid Islamic nations of American oppression but his actions have only caused America and the United Nations to crack down on the middle east even more.

Osama Bin Laden and the Pope seem like two very different people, but in actuality they are very much alike. Both men are in charge of large organizations. Both are very religious. The pope is trying to win souls to heaven, while Osama is trying to save Islamic souls from American oppression. Both men are working fervently for their cause. They both think they are doing the right thing, and so they will not give up until their goals are accomplished. Both men inspire large groups of people to join their cause. Millions of Catholics all over the world follow the pope. Osama has convinced millions of Islamic families to support him in his cause as well. Lastly, both are beloved leaders. The Catholic population of the world look to the pope for advice, guidance, and moral support. Osama Bin Laden is loved by his followers as a spiritual leader, educator, and guide.

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Although Osama Bin Laden and the pope seem like two entirely different people, it is very clear that they are the same in many ways. After taking a closer look at the lives of both Osama and the pope it is much easier to see the links between the two. Careful analysis of the major ideas proves that if one were to look at only the ideas and not the specifics, one would find out that it is rather hard to tell the two apart!

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