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Victor Baltodano Negative


“A war with France, if just and necessary, might wean us from fond and blind affections, which no nation ought to feel toward another as our experience abundantly testifies.”

President John Adams was referring to the ideas laid down by George Washington of national sovereignty and international relations when he made this speech to the citizens of Petersburg, Virginia. Because I agree with the former president, I must negate the resolution When in conflict, globalization ought to be valued above national sovereignty.

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National sovereignty ism something held dear to all Americans. The definition?-the right of a state to self government without other nations intruding on said state’s affairs. Globalization is another matter altogether. This negative case will examine and rebut this idea.

My VP will be that of national sovereignty, the right of every nation. To take away the sovereignty of a state without legitimate reasons, such as the direct threat Iraq poses to America for example, is a heinous crime. My VC will be that of humanity’s desire of freedom. Only by humanity’s desire of freedom will national sovereignty be able to stay alive in this mad world of ours.

My first contention is that globalization will never work. I say this because as Kenneth Waltz illustrates in his work, Man, the State, and War

“In cooperative action, even where all agree on the goal and have equal interest in the project, one cannot rely on others.” The only way globalization could work as an entity with any power would be as “A terrible despotism, stifling liberty, killing initiative, and leading to anarchy.” Kant in Man, the State, and War. This implication is clear nations need to work as individual states, not as some globalized mishmash.

People are unwilling to compromise on issues as important as the things a globalized world would have to make. The individual sovereigns of the sovereign states of the world are better groomed if you will for the task of running their states.

My second contention is that globalization causes a domino effect that will lead a world-wide economic depression. With a globalized world sharing one economy one currency and needing all players of said globalized world to keep a world economy up. What were to happen if one part of said globalized world was struck with a natural disaster and all forms of import and export dead? The you would have a domino effect that when started will cause all of the areas who are dependant upon that area export will fall as well and so on and so on. Causing the world economy to slip and keep falling till it goes through rock bottom.

My third contention is that since the will of the state is the general will. The sovereign states can better deal with that will. Kenneth Waltz, Man, the State, and War.

“The will of the state is the general will; there is no problem in disunity and conflict.”

With this idea of globalization, the smaller sovereign nations could be overlooked, though if we kept our national sovereignty; states could still govern themselves as the people will. There is no one who can presume to take away nations sovereignty, except legitimate reasons, such as the Iraq or North Korea situation

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