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What Sodium Does

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Have you ever done anything physical? I’m sure you have. What does your body do when you do something physical by increasing your heart rate? You sweat. Your bodies are made primarily out of water, in order to keep your body nice and cool you start to sweat. Have you ever had the experience of tasting sweat? Well if you have, you know that it tastes a lot like ocean water, pretty salty. Your bodies “tissues swim in a salty sea � a vestige, perhaps, of our aquatic evolution.” Sodium is a very important substance in our chemical make-up. The human body goes throughout an entire process in order to keep your muscles functioning properly. Your body travels a fine line as far as the allowed content of sodium in your body. “Thirst” happens when you have lost too much water in your system and your body needs to re-balance the sodium content. Also, something we take completely for granted, such as sweating, could lead to a serious health condition called hypertension.

Your body tells you when you are “thirsty” when it notices your salt content is higher than it should be. Drinking soda, sweating, eating salty products, and stress all soak up water in your system. Bartenders use this to their advantage by offering free peanuts and pretzels, it helps increase their business. In order for your body to make up for the lost water it sends a signal “give me water.” When you give your body water it then has the power to dilute all the excess salt you have accumulated in your system. Your kidneys are the main factory for sodium intake and output. Kidneys clean your system, and are also in charge of maintaining that fine narrow range of acceptable salt content by controlling the amount of sodium you have in your body. Kidneys dump excess sodium into your urine, kidneys also have the power to excrete sodium from the urine when the body requires it.. When your body feels an adrenaline rush, your kidneys automatically know to retain all the sodium you have. Adrenaline seems to send a message to the kidneys, all of the excess sodium soaks up more water allowing you to have the ability to perform at an optimum level.

Too much sodium causes hypertension, high blood pressure, which is a serious problem caused by the failure of the kidneys to excrete enough sodium. Scientists believe that after the many years of dumping and extracting sodium the kidneys seem to have a harder time excreting sodium at a normal pace. When one person has too much sodium in their body they are caused to hold onto excess water that the body doesn’t need. This starts a terribly vicious cycle. Excess water causes the volume of blood to rise, which in affect causes you to have too much blood in your system. With more blood having to pass through your veins your heart rate has to increase in order to make up for the extra blood. Your blood vessels contract, in order to slow the blood movement down. Your blood pressure rises, as a result, causing you hypertension. Your heart ends up doing twice the work with half the space to do it in this usually leads to a stroke, or worse a heart attack.

The next time you sit down in a bar and you see that big bowl of peanuts or pretzels sitting there remember why their free. If you have ever wondered how your body keeps on working so smoothly be thankful for your kidneys and remember the big purpose they serve. The next time you are out exerting energy and you start to feel sweat dripping down your face be thankful that you have a perfectly functioning body that has the ability to retain or excrete sodium as needed.

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