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endangered species

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When an animal becomes endangered, it means that the animal is on the verge of becoming extinct. Although Canada doesnt have the highest rate of endangered species, the rate is very high. Just about every place on earth has either animals that are endangered, or animals that are heading in that direction. More and more animals become endangered every single day.

One of the main reasons why animals become endangered is the destruction of animals habitats. People are using more and more land everyday for human needs like, houses, cities, roads, and farming. The Earths land changes, natural changes occur at a slow pace, which doesnt cause much of an impact on an animal, but when humans change the land they tend to change it very quickly, which causes a big impact on animals. When people do something as little as cut down a tree, they are causing many animals to lose their habitat.

Some animals are only endangered for a short time such as Canadas beaver. It was only endangered when there was a demand for beaver hats. Fortunatly, mens style had changed before the beaver had gone extinct.

I chose to look at mainy one endangered specie, the raccoon. Raccoons are usually grey in color, with a black face. The head of a raccoon is usually very broad with a pointed nose, and rounded ears. They have black eyes. The life span of a raccoon living in the wild is usually between -5 years.

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Raccoons tend to eat any kind of food, whether it be a plant of an animal. Some of their favorite foods are corn, fruits and nuts, but their diet changes seasonally. During the spring the raccoon in most likely to snack on things like insects, and smaller animals like squirrels and rabbits. In the summer they tend to eat plant material, such as fruits and nuts. In the fall, fat must be eating to sustain them during the winter when they are in their den.

Raccoons can be easily tamed when they are young, because of this people are often able to get close to a raccoon without the raccoon attacking them or running away. Males are often more agressive than females, which means they are not so easily tamed. Raccoons are often caught and kept as family pets, after being a pet for a couple of years, they are capable to survive if let back into the wild, very few animals can do that. Some people consider raccoons as being pests, they sometimes get nosy and damage agriculture crops. In some areas raccoons have been blamed for for damaging houses roofs, lawns, and gardens.

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