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Time management

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In this paper I will discuss what has been my learning style in the last years. I am also going to assess my strengths and opportunities for growth as well as how to create an improvement strategy based on this assessment.

Probably because I came from a foreign country my learning style was based upon team work since elementary school. Working with other classmates helped me to develop two important aspects within my learning style a) making the team work a vital part of my student performance, and b) learning how to deal with other’s learning styles, but above all, learn from other’s learning abilities. Thus, my learning style is mainly based upon team work. For me working in groups is not only the best way to learn, but also makes it an enjoyable experience. Working in groups creates a sort of positive pressure to be updated on my assignments, since I have to turn my assignment’s part ahead of time in order to have, as a team, everything ready by the due date.

My learning style embraces all the kinesthetic approach characteristics. I need to read, write, hear and discuss new given information. I also need to have a well organized place in which I can sit down and study. The physical atmosphere in which I am going to study has to be relaxing and enjoyable, thus I prefer to have light background music as well a clean and comfortable study area. . In terms of how long I can effectively study I prefer to study for a long periods of time with some short breaks. For better assimilation of new information visual aid plays an important role of my learning style. I absorb new information better when I see it in pictures, diagrams, and maps.

My strengths in terms of studying are 1) I am a responsible student; ) I seldom miss a class, ) I always turn all my assignments in on time, 4) I am a hard-working student, 5) I process the information fast and easy, 6) I am an open-minded student always open to different points of view, and 7) I enjoy being a student. These are the most relevant strengths of my learning style.

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The opportunities for growth in terms of improving my learning style basically rely on my interaction with my team work colleagues. I consider that the way in which this program has been designed �greatly based on team work is going to help me to enormously enhance my previously described learning abilities. I consider that this program has been designed to be completed by responsible, open-minded, and hard-working individuals, thus, since those are some of my main characteristics as student, I deeply believe that through this program I will find an enormous potential for academic growth.

However, even though I consider I have a good learning style I definitively believe that I need to create an improvement learning strategy. This strategy has to cover 1) an improvement of my critical thinking skills, ) improvement of my writing style, ) an efficient and effective way to answer my colleagues’ comments or opinions in order to enhance my participation performance, 5) Take upon by “big” and “complex” assignments without fear, 7) Work on my organization skills.

One way to improve my critical thinking skills is by following some of the strategies given by Linda Elder and Richard Paul in their article entitles Critical Thinking Nine strategies for everyday life. The strategies I will incorporate in my learning style are a) use “wasted” time, b) keep an intellectual journal, and c) deal with my egocentrism.

In order to improve my writing style as well as my structure and grammar, I will have all my writing assignments ready ahead of time to submit them to the virtual writing lab. This will help me not only to make writing assignments look more professional, which will improve my grades, but it will also help me to identify my common writing errors and learn how to correct them.

In order to be more efficient and effective in terms of responding to my colleagues’ comments or opinions, I will do two things 1) I will read all the new mails at once to avoid be overwhelmed by an endless list of new mails and ) I will try to respond short and concise to all the comments in only one message.

I will not be intimidated by “big” and “complex” assignments. Finally, I will do two things to improve my organizational skills 1) Procrastination is not permitted and ) I will keep a To do list on daily basis.

In conclusion, after this self-assessment reflection exercise I fell more control in how I am going to face this challenging Bachelor’s program. Identifying my learning style has allowed me to see my strengths as a student but, above all, has allowed me to see where I have to work more. The creation of a series of strategies to overcome my shortcomings as students has made me realize the importance of having a well-organized method to improve our performance not only as students but also as individuals.

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