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In The Sun Rising,the relator who fall in love with a woman,was complaining the reality of the world through the sun and wanting to escape from it,however, it is impossible because he cannot avoid to face the real world for his living.As he complain Busy old fool sun that represent the sun is the symbol of reality what separate him from his heaven when he stay with his lover in their warm bed and close together. That is the wonderful and graceful time just like place themself in a heaven. Compare to their the love of heaven where without any pressure ,competition ,jealousness and hatred, in another way,reality is cruel, depressed and hateful. From his words I cloud eclipse and cloud then with a wink,it shows him try to escape under the sun shine which is the reality,but his woman is an angel for him so that I would not lose her sight so long .It has another meaning is he without any ability to escape from the real world,because the only condition he can stay with her is he must face the reality .In the other way round , in case he escapes from the real world , then he will lose her not only her sight.Suck as Romeo and Julia who fall in love in a period when their two families situation like oil mix with vinegar.For the reason their family seriously prevent them together, they try to escape from them , however , their failure cause their death eventually.From this , people can see how hard can lovers escape from real world . As the relator in The Sun Rising, he is in the time when he work for the king. He discontents with their social class that he feel it as princes do but play us.In that time of peroid , the king still have the greatest power to control the whole country.However, the relator does not want to be that way which control by the king ,otherwise hes only choice is continue his normal life but not to escape the reality.Therefore he can only just use the sun to abreact his discontentment and inability.In real world, people fall in love as a retarded blind child as they may lose their intelligence seems a person whose IQ equal zero.But eventually, they still have to accept and face the cruel, depressed hateful include the social class of the world.

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