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Close your eyes and imagine you are 8,514 feet on a mountain in Southeast Asia. The mountain you should be thinking of is the Doi Inthanon, located in Northwest Thailand. Despite its beauty, many people know very little about it. In this speech we are going to go over two main points, Thailand’s physical and cultural characteristics.

Thailand is a strong agricultural country with many natural resources, including, rice, rubber, tin, timber, lead, and natural gas. The most important of those crops is rice. For a long time Thai people only harvested rice and rubber, but now, they have started using different harvesting methods to develop more exotic products such as pineapples, sugarcane, and coconuts.

Typical of many of the Southeast Asian countries, Thailand has a monsoon climate. There are two main seasons, the “wet season,” and the “dry season”. During the wet season, there is an average of sixty inches of rain but, during the dry season there are only six to ten inches of rain on average

Thailand also has a variety of land features. It has many rivers, some mountains, and a few of plateaus. One of the major mountains is the Doi Inthanon, which is located in Northwest Thailand. The Doi Inthanon reaches its peak at 8,514 feet! It is also home to a big and popular National Park. The Khorat plateau is a very large plateau located in Middle Eastern Thailand. It covers about 60,000 miles and is from 00 feet tall to 600 feet tall in some places.

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Although is Thailand beautiful, it still suffers from a major physical issue and that is deforestation. In the late 160’s Thailand was about 50% forest, unfortunately now forests only cover about % of Thailand. According to many environmentalists this as a very serious issue. Even now, deforestation continues a large rate, almost 1% a year! Because of deforestation 0 mammal species and 10 fish species are treated with local extinction. In addition, traffic congestion and pollution pose a dangerous threat.

Religion is a big part of Thai life. The majority of the population, 5%, is Theravada Buddhist. Only .8% of Thai people are Muslim, and even fewer, 0.5%, are Christians. They believe that in order to lead a happy and successful life you need to gain Nirvana, the state of wanting nothing. Thai people are very strong followers of Buddhism. In fact, all Thai men become monks for at least a week .

Thailand’s economy is a market economy. A market economy is when the people produce goods that can be sold. Because of this type of economy, most businesses are privately owned. Since 185, Thailand’s economy made rapid growth, but then had a severe downfall in 17. Two years later in 1 they made a comeback, and had an average income of $,010 per person, which put them in an upper middle class level.

The government of Thailand is a Constitutional Monarchy. A constitutional monarchy is a form of government on which the king, in this case Bhumibol Adulyadej, rules the country under a constitution similar to United States’. Yet, the one who makes the decisions is the prime minister, Thaksin Shinawatra.

Overall, Thailand is a culturally rich country full of history, people, and ideas. Moreover, even though there are many Southeast Asian countries, there is only one Thailand.

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