Thursday, 16 June 2011

Eminem - Bad or Good Role Model

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‘Now follow me and do exactly what you see Dont you wanna grow up to be just like me!…’

The topic of my thesis is Eminem is a role model. There is certainly no doubt that he is considered by many adolescents today to be a role model, and indeed it seem from the quote above from on of his songs he would like to be seen as a role model. In my opinion this is debatable as I believe Eminem is not a good role model for the youth of today’s society. Eminem is a rapper and as such is hugely popular. His albums are cleverly marketed to appeal to youngsters. They can be heard on the radio and are easily available for purchase, therefore his influence can extend widely. Eminem’s music, i.e. rap music, has very explicit lyrics, promotes gang involvement and drugs as well as being caught with drugs and guns himself. Eminem’s music is also discriminatory against other religions and sexuality.

Eminem’s lyrics are too explicit for today’s youth. Take the song ‘jut the two of us’ for example. This song tells in graphic detail of a father murdering and dumping his wife in the lake while his three year old daughter looks on. Another classic example is from the song ‘role model’ where he explains that people should do the things he does if they want to be just like him i.e. take drugs, drop out of school and kill people. Two small extracts from this song proves this. ‘Follow me and do exactly what the song says smoke weed, take pills, drop outta school, kill people and drink…’ and also ‘I came to the club drunk with a fake ID, Ive been with 10 women who got HIV, Dont you wanna grow up to be just like me!…’ It is obvious that Eminem’s music about killing people as well as talking about sex and STDs is not appropriate for children as young as to be listening to.

Whilst inappropriate for � 1 year olds, teenagers and young adults could also be adversely affected by Eminem’s lyrics such as ‘Im going to attempt to drown myself, You can try this at home , You can be just like me!…’ Many people in this age group may be depressed or have low self - esteem due to various situations that unfortunately are common in today’s society such as unemployment and difficult home environments. These lyrics actually encourage suicide attempts.

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Although Eminem’s music promotes drugs and suicide the overall theme running through all of his music is violence. Quote ‘I strangled you to death then choked you again, then break your f#%in legs till your bones poke through your skin…’

It is obvious that Eminem is not a good role model due to the fact that his music encourages drugs, suicide and overall violence. There is enough violence in the world today without music like Eminem’s possibly influencing our youth to think violence is ok or an answer to problems.

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