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Men, let’s imagine that our lives are divided into three periods

W Period 1 Students’ life- Cooking could make men more independent.

_When you were boys, who cook for you? I guess your moms, or someone else in your families. Probably, you just helped your mom doing some minor works in the kitchen, for example I often help my mom wash some vegetables, but you don’t have to cook. That becomes a bad behavior for men.

_But think about this! How can you cook when you live on your own as a student? How can you study with an empty stomach?

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Cooking skills will help you live independently in anywhere in the world. You don’t have to depend on someone else to cook for you. Especially, we, international students, who live very far apart from our families, can improve more our independent life by knowing cooking’s skills.

W Period Career-It’s a great job because the percentage of male successful cookers is usually higher than women.

_You can become a famous chef of the world’s best restaurant with very high salary. (Picture)

_As a good chef, you can appear on TV shows, and everybody around the world knows you. For example, the TV show “Yan Can Cook” made by a famous male cooker named Yan. (Picture)

_Or you can write books, publish them, and earn a lot of money. (Picture)

W Period Family’s life-It may help your conjugal life more happy, and keep your relationship with your family’s members, your friends closer.

_Imagine how happy your wife is when you cook for her a special meal in the anniversary or in her birthday. (Picture)

_How sweet you are if you cook some foods for your wife when she is sick. (Picture)

_Even, you can coax her when she is angry at you. (Picture)

Rebuttal ideas

_Wasting time for cooking. You can go to a restaurant or you can eat fast food.

Respond you can save a lot of money when you cook by your own.

Cooking your own food is usually healthier and fresher than food you eat in most restaurants.

_Cooking is not a men’s job. Their task is to earn money.

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