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Antigone Summary

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Many wonderful plays were written during ancient Greece, and Sophocles’ Antigone is certainly not an exception from that. The events in the play would definitely categorize it as being a tragedy without question. In, Antigone by Sophocles, Antigone chooses to follow the will of the Gods, and Creon concerns himself with mans law. The following excerpt epitomizes the tragic conclusion of that struggle and the individual who experiences the most pain out of all the sorrow stricken characters

CREON Woe for sin of minds perverse, Deadly fraught with mortal curse. Behold us slain and slayers, all akin. Woe for my counsel dire, conceived in sin. Alas, my son, Life scarce begun, Thou wast undone. The fault was mine, mine only, O my son!

SECOND MESSENGERThy wife, the mother of thy dead son here,Lies stricken by a fresh inflicted blow.

CREONAlas! another added woe I see.What more remains to crown my agony?A minute past I clasped a lifeless son,And now another victim Death hath won.Unhappy mother, most unhappy son!

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SECOND MESSENGERBeside the altar on a keen-edged swordShe fell and closed her eyes in night, but erstShe mourned for Megareus who nobly diedLong since, then for her son; with her last breathShe cursed thee, the slayer of her child.

The scene takes place at Creon’s home, where he comes to the realization that all the anguish he is experiencing could and would have been avoided if it was not for his unwillingness to heed the warning of Teiresias and if it was not for Creon’s own misplaced moralistic values. This play can be considered as a “tragedy” on many levels an example of this is the chain reaction of suicides due to the loss of loved ones, which were all indirectly caused by Creon. He has indubitably experienced the most pain; it seems everyone has turned against him. Instances of this would be the views of his own people. Those views being that Antigone has committed no crime by following the will of the Gods but she instead should be praised for her actions. His own son Haimon threatens to kill himself if his fianc�’s life is taken, and Eurydice takes her own life when her son follows through with his threat. Creon lost all that he held dear and knowing this he himself prayed the Gods for his death. All and all the stench of death in the air would have been avoided if he yielded his egotistical stubbornness sooner and took heed to what everyone was telling him.

Translation by F. Storr, BA

Originally published by

Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA


William Heinemann Ltd, London

First published in 11

Excerpt Lines 101-1470

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