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In Antigone’s speech on page 105, lines 57 through 74, welcomes death and proclaims that the universal law is more important to her than the temporal ones. Creon’s edict goes against the laws of the God’s, and Antigone fears the Gods more than she fears Creon. Her tone starts out strong and bold when she says, “I dared” (105) as her first sentence. Those words aggravate Creon more. There is a break in the text between lines 6 and 64 that signal a new tone. The tone changes to a more solemn one as she talks about death. She tries to inform Creon that to be a good leader you must be flexible and rethink your actions. She says the word death or die six times throughout the speech, which emphasizes that she has some anxiety towards death, but she knows that everyone will die eventually. She uses personification on line 6 when she states, “Think death less than a friend?” (105) because she gives death human characteristics. On lines 70 through 71, she explains what she would have felt if she would have not buried her brother; the guilt would be more painful than death to her. There is another break in the text on page 106 on line 7. She has a more taunting tone here towards Creon. Antigone’s tragic flaw is her pride in herself, her hubris leads to her ultimate downfall. Her conflict with Creon creates more pride in


her than ever before and it leads to her death plus her fianc�. Also, different punctuation marks are also used here, including question marks, commas, colon, and semicolon. When read aloud, it gives the speech more variety. Creon is a weak leader, and Antigone knows it, so she uses that knowledge in her speech to make it more interesting and aggravating towards him. Furthermore, Antigone’s language and attitude helps her to express herself through her words.

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