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Women are more moral then Men

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“Women are more moral then men.” This is a common myth that many people, male and female, believe. This statement is incorrect and is not very clear. Women might be more moral on certain issues and the same goes for men. We have to look at certain aspects of being moral to make this phase correct, such as personal conflict, religion and law just to name a few. After we view these then maybe we can make this statement correct.

To say women are more moral then men, we must first define the meaning of moral. According to dictionary.com the legal definition of moral is “of or concerned with the judgment of the goodness or badness of human action and character, teaching or exhibiting goodness or correctness of character and behavior such as learning a moral lesson or rules or habits of conduct, especially of sexual conduct, with reference to standards of right and wrong.” Now that we defined the meaning of moral, we can argue that the statement “Women are more moral then men” cannot be true based on the fact that this definition does not specifically say men or women do these behaviors.

First lets talk about personal conflict within ones self. Lawrence Kohlberg found that women responded differently than men to moral dilemmas. He decided to study these differences closely. What he found was that “women’s morals seem to develop differently, even though they may end up doing the same things as highly moral men.” (Gilligan1) If you think about it men do things on the spur of the moment where as women take time to think about how their actions will affect another person. Men and women have about the same moral capacity but women do moral things in different ways than men and it’s more noticeable when men do things considered unmoral. Men become more involved than women in intellectually figuring out what is fair and what are our individual rights, such as in making rules and laws. Women think that talking to one another and considering each other’s viewpoints as where men either deal with the conflict right away or let it go and go on without remembering it, should work out differences. Gilligan makes a good point on this issue, men and women respond to conflict on different levels that each feel are moral to them so therefore one can not really say that one or the other is more moral.

Second, we will look at how men and women compare in religion. When many people think about morals they think about God and being religious in order to follow morals. In an article, I found titled “Are women more religious than men” I found some interesting things. “If authentic faith is the quality of one’s relationship with God and with others, it seems that the stronger orientation which women have towards relationships makes them more religious and more moral.” (Irish Catholic1) This quote relates back to what Carol Gilligan said about women being more open in relationships, women are more open to relationships, but that for that reason only we can not say that women are more moral then men. It’s a proven fact that more women attend church then men, but in a study done by The Irish Catholic it stated that when they surveyed men and women more men said they had a personal relationship with God than women do. “Since women define their identity through relationships of intimacy and care, the moral decisions they make are motivated differently then those of men.” (The Irish Catholic, ) This quote supports the fact that just because women and men do things differently does not mean that men or women are any more moral. In another survey done by Desmond O’Donnell he asked men and women why they act moral. Seventy percent of women said they did so because it means being true to themselves, but only sixty-one percent of men gave the same reply. As you can see the percentages are not really that different between the two sexes. Women and men are really not that different on the religion level, so therefore we still have not proved “women are more moral then men”.

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Last we can look at the law perspective on morals. When we think of morals we think of knowing right from wrong and when we think of someone who is in jail or commits a crime, we tend to sometimes think that that person must not have any morals. Statistics prove that more men are arrested each year than women. According to the Uniform Crime Reports show that in 001 40,66 males were arrested in the state of Pennsylvania and 6,806 females were arrested. However over the last decade the number of women being arrested has had a steady increase. So does this mean that women’s morals are going down or that women are now beginning to show their true sides and that women and men are equally moral, of course not.

After looking at these three aspects of personal conflicts between men and women and how they handle situations on a different level, religion and how men and women are relatively the same on their religious morals and finally the law aspect, which shows that women are on the rise of being arrested each year. The statement “women are more moral then men” is still not agreeable. Women and men are completely different and have different ways of doing things and we can’t base someone’s actions as unmoral, it all depends on the person. This statement is something that no one can prove, who has the right to judge morals besides God. I’d like to end with a quote that sums up my opinion on this topic. “We are not more moral; we are only uncorrupted by power. (Gilligan, 4)


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