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Corn Starch Goo

This project can be extremely messy. You may want to lay newspaper down on the floor or table before you start.

You will need Corn starch


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Shallow tub or bowl

Pour a small box of corn starch into the tub. Mix in small amounts of water. Then get your hands into the mess to get the full effect of this weird texture. The cornstarch and water mixture will harden in your hands when you squeeze it, but when you open your hands, it melts like goo.

Make your own Silly Putty

Mix together

parts Elmers Glue-All

1 part liquid starch

Gradually pour starch into glue and mix. If mixture is sticky, add more starch. Add a little food coloring if you want, for variety. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

Note This silly putty can be cut with scissors or be pulled or twisted.

Animal Jumble

Using construction or white paper, ask each child to drawn a different body part of an animal, but to have their animal be a secret. For example, have one child draw the head, another draw the tail, another the legs and so on. let the children pick the animal they want to draw. When they are done have then put the animal together with tape or glue. Have fun coming up with a name for the animal (monk-dog-lion-potamus).

Pet Rocks

Find smooth, flat or round rocks. Be sure to clean off any dirt or sand and dry completely before starting. Paint with acrylic paints. Decorate faces by using google eyes, yarn for hair, markers, glitter, and any other tidbits you like.

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