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Resistance FIghters

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During the months of April, May, and June of the year 140, the German armies invaded six Western Europe nations. They consisted of Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg, Holland, Belgium, and France. Due to the invasions many men and women formed, and joined, resistance groups. These groups were designed to get back at the Nazis for the destruction they caused. However, they realized they couldnt stop the Nazis, so instead, they decided to try and slow them down. Some ways they did this included, bombing bridges, giving soldiers false directions, and smuggling Jews into safe houses.

These men and women risked their lives, and their families, in order to do what they believed was right. People could not just walk into the group and become a resistance fighter; they had to take rigorous test’s of character. One test was to see if a member would be willing to kill another member if he or she thought them to be a traitor. Since it was a test there was no real traitor and no bullets in the gun, the object was to see if they would pull the trigger. The reasons for these tests were to make sure they were strong willed, and not just driven by anger.

“The resistance had a double barreled effect on Germans; firstly they denied the full fruits of victory and in time they helped weaken the discipline and resolve” (Miller, 10). Many were discovered and put on a wanted list by German authorities but they still fought for the cause, and it is partly because of their bravery that the war ended.

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