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Character Analysis: "The Witch of Blackbird Pond"

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The book The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare illustrates the transformation and enormous adaptations of youth to the surrounding world in the late 17th century. The action takes place in the New World when a young girl named Katherine Tyler moves from the exotic island of Barbados to the colony of Connecticut. There, she infects everybody with her enthusiasm towards life, and Puritan society knocks the childish and naive thoughts out of her head. But before Katherine’s personality undergoes its full transformation, she meets a fearful and shy girl by the name of Prudence. She not only teaches the poor girl how to read and write but also valuable lessons about life. As the result of interactions with the main character Kit Tyler and some other people such as Widow Tupper, Prudence transforms from a frightened, hesitant and distrustful girl to self-reliant and intelligent individual.

The first step towards Prudence’s metamorphosis occurs when she meets Kit on the board of the ship called Dolphin. Prudence acts so apprehensive and bashful that Kit could not stand her passivity. As she confesses later “it spoiled her appetite just to watch that miserable little wraith of a child Prudence not even allowed to sit at board with them, but kept behind her mother where she had to eat standing up with the stingy portion they handed back to her”(16). Men mostly ruled the Puritan society but some exceptions to that occurred, exemplified by the Cruff family to which Prudence belongs. Goodwife Cruff, “soldier in a skirt”, spreads her authority over her child as well as over her husband. The frightful mother extrudes all human characteristics from her daughter leaving only fear and apprehension. So the first interaction between Prudence and Kit isn’t pleasant for both of them because Kit, for the first time in her life, meets the forceful obtrusion of somebody’s opinion on another person and Prudence’s mind fills with doubtful and vague dreams of free individualism.

The second change to Prudence’s character results from gathering at Widow Tupper’s house. Kit brings her to meet Hannah and there she finally understands the nature of Prudence’s hesitations and reserved character. Kit realizes that “She [Prudence] needed a friend”(118). This realization comes as the correlation progresses. The metamorphosis of Prudence begins when Kit shows her human kindness and warmth by agreeing to teach her reading lessons. But while study sessions affect little girl in a good way, the benevolence of the so-called “witch” Hannah Tupper also helps. These ‘klatches’ with reading and talking inculcate good manners and they light the hope of new life filled with real goodness and grace. The atmosphere of the little house by the pond had an impact on Prudence’s view of reality.

Prudence’s final transformation appears lucid toward the end of the novel when she comes to the courtroom to prove Kit’s innocence in a witch trial. The change in the girl is so distinguishable that everybody in the courtroom just looks at her with in astonishment. As Kit remarks “There was something different about her. The child’s head was up. Her eyes were fastened levelly on the magistrate. Prudence was not afraid!”(17) The seed that friendship and sympathy had sown gave good sprouts. The goodness that Kit gave to Prudence returns twice as much in the amount. Now she fought her fear and comes to show her real personality. Of course, not everybody in the room realizes the metamorphic change in Prudence’s personality but her mental growth, especially reading and writing, totally proves her transformation induced by communications with Kit and Widow Tupper.

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As the novel progresses Prudence matures from a frightened girl to a perfected young lady with help and guidance of Kit and Hannah. Toward the end of the novel everybody can see this change; even her parents agreed with it. However the main idea of the book does not just show the changes in somebody’s character but illustrates the importance of friendship and kindness that to make differences in another’s life.

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