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Tricycle in comparison to Ralph,Jack,Piggy.

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Tricycle in comparison to Ralph, Jack, Piggy

Lord of the Flies by William Golding “New York Times” review wrote “Lord of the Flies is an allegory on human society today; the novel’s primary implication being that what we have come to call civilization is at best no more than skin deep. In this story there are three main characters Ralph, Jack and Piggy. These characters are similar to a bicycle. Ralph is like the power to the bike, Jack is like the front wheel to the bike, and Piggy is like the back wheel.

There are many different things that power the bike one of them being the legs. The legs they lead and turn the pedals. When the pedals turn it causes the chain to spin. While the chain is continuously spinning it is also moving the gears. The gears which are connected to the back wheel rotates and spins which causes the wheel to spin. With constant motion from your legs the bike will be set in motion..

Ralph is twelve years old with blond hair and is the most charismatic of the group. He is described as being built “like a boxer,” and is initially chosen a leader due to his many positive qualities. Ralph is like the power to the bike. To keep them in order he calls the meeting and tells the little ones what to do. “We‘ve got to have rules and obey them. After all we are not savages, we’re English, and the English are best at everything.” (Chapter page 40) without Ralph there would be no order and total chaos. Ralph stands for the good-hunter but entirely effective leader.

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There are many reasons why the front wheel is important. The wheels would not rotate and the bike would not be able to move. It helps keep the bike balanced without the front wheel the bike would just fall right over. The front wheel also helps enable the bike to stop. When holding down the brakes on the handle bars it allows the brakes on the front wheel to stop it. The wheel also helps the bike to steer in the direction you want to go.

Jack is about Ralph’s age, with a skinner build and red hair. His freckled face is described as being “ugly without silliness.” Jack is like the front wheel to the bike because he steers many in his direction. Jack is in charge of the hunters which is all of the older boys and later on gets the little ones to follow after him. “If you’re hunting sometimes….you can feel as if you’re not hunting but �being hunted, as if something’s behind you all the time in the jungle.” (pg5B) Jack is a ruler who appeals to the emotional responses of his followers.

There are three main reasons why the back wheel is important. The back wheel is what causes the bike to be set in motion. Without the back wheel the bike wouldn’t work. It’s the back wheel that holds the gears in place. The gears hold the chain and without the chain the wheel would not be able to spin. The back wheel also helps keep the bike balanced.

Piggy is a short and over weight boy who wears glasses and represents order and democracy. Piggy is similar to the back wheel he is a follower he does whatever Ralph tells him. Piggy was….so full of pride in his contribution to the good of society, which he helped to fetch wood. Piggy also holds the group together and encourages the group that they would eventually be rescued. Piggy’s glasses are very important; they help start the fires that keep people warm. Piggy represents the henchman necessary for such a ruler to stay in power.

The English boys work hard together to save themselves; through hard work and earnestness, one can overcome any hardship. A bicycle is the same way a lot of hard work with the pedals and the wheels you can accomplish your destination. Without hard work, earnestness, power and wheels turning it would all fail. Ralph is like the power, Jack being the front wheel and Piggy being the back wheel they all have to work together and did.

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