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August Busch III

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August Busch III was born in 17. He grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and has stayed there his whole life. August was known to be the wild child of his family. Even with the success of his family August did not seem that he would ever follow in his fathers footsteps of success in the beer industry. After failure had struck August, he began to wake up and turn his life around. Today, about forty years from his start commitment, he has become one of the best businessmen in the country. August continues to live in a suburb of St. Louis with his second wife and their two children.

August Busch III was known as a partier and would rather ski and have fun than work hard. With all his partying August dropped out of college at the University of Arizona. It was here where August had failed and was at his lowest point. His father decided to give him a job working for him at Anheuser Busch. It was an entry level position but there was a chance to move up in the company. August took full advantage of this and did so, eventually taking over the company from his father at age 8. This is when he started using strategic leadership by executives and followed the guidelines for forming that strategy.

The first step in that process was determining the companies long term objectives and priorities. When August took over the company it was a good company, but he saw that it could be better. August wanted to make it larger and stronger. For a long time his father had opposed aggressive executive expansion. August believed that in order to grow in sales and profit, the company must grow as well.

Secondly, August addressed the strength and weaknesses of Anheuser Busch. When August took over Anheuser Busch led the industry in production of beer. It also had the top selling beer in America, Budweiser. Along with those strengths, he also saw many weaknesses. Some of those weaknesses were that other companies were growing while they were staying the same size, in particular Miller Brewing Company. He also saw many opportunities for making money that they were not acting on. Finally, he wanted Anheuser Busch to be a family oriented and concerned business, which he did not feel they were at the time.

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Next, August evaluated the need for major changes in strategy. When August III became CEO, the beer industry was where nearly all the company’s income was coming from. He knew the market had been slowing down in beer sales and they needed to maintain their current position in the market. However, as a business man he also knew that he must continue to improve the revenue of the company

The next step in this process was to begin identifying promising strategies for his business. This is where August III great business sense put him one step above the rest. He believed that investing in other companies would bring a significant increase in revenue. So he decided to invest in three different areas; the St. Louis Cardinal’s new baseball stadium, Eagle Foods, and theme parks.

Finally, he had to evaluate the outcomes of all three of his investments. He felt all three would be profitable and he was right. Anheuser Busch’s investment in the St. Louis Cardinals was a great investment. St. Louis’ new stadium was named Busch Stadium and Budweiser is the only brand of beer sold there. This investment alone brings in % of Anheuser Busch’s revenue. The next investment was Eagle Foods. This was a trouble spot for Anheuser Busch for many years. It was not making money and it was hurting the company. Recently it has made huge improvements and has increased its sales to two billion dollars. This company brings in 17% of Anheuser Busch’s revenue. The final investment was in a chain of theme parks across the country. These theme parks were named Busch Gardens. These are theme parks that are designed for the whole family. Throughout the country, Busch Gardens has sales of $14 million. This accounts for % of the revenue for Anheuser Busch.

August Busch III is a great business man, as well as an inspiration to those in business. He began at the lowest level and with hard work made his way to the very top of his profession. He led Anheuser to the top of the realm in the beer industry and has improved the revenue of the company through the sale of beer and other ventures. Besides this he also has brought in other significant revenues to the company. He was and is a leader that should become a model for the future of business, though hard work and dedication.

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