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the sixteenth and fifthteenth centuries during the renaissance period was a time of many advances in science. many important discoveries were made by people like galileo galilei. we also began to make major advances in medical science as well.

there are many people who were key role players in the discoveries of the renaissance. one such was galieo galilei. galieo was a pioneer of modern physics and telescopic astronomy, he enrolled in the university of pisa as a medical student in 1581. he became interested in mathematics and left in 1585 without his degree. he later became a professor of mathematics in 15 at the university of padua until 1610. galileo is more recognized for his amazing work in telescopic astronomy. in 1604, he observed a supernova and became involved in a dispute with philosophers who claimed that change could not occur in the unviverse. towards the end of 160 galileo had constructed a 0 power telescope enabling him to see the lunar mountains, starry nature of the milky way, and previouly unnoted moons of jupiter. galileo published his discoveries in THE STARRY MESSENGER (1610) which created much controversey among fellow scientists.by the end of 1610, galileo was a firm believer in the copernican heliocentric world system. he was very much opposed in this belief, because the bible supported the opposite veiw of a stationary earth. in 16 galileo obtained his permission to write a book discussing the ptolemaic and copernican systems. this became known as DIALOGUE (16). He was then called to rome for trial by the inquistion on the grounds that in 1616 he had been personally ordered never to defend or to teach copernicanism.

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