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Dominance at gombe stream

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Dominance at Gombe Streame

The rise of leadership among the Chimps at Gombe Stream was quite interesting. A big part of gaining dominance is an impressive display. In order to be the most dominant you must be able to have controll over all situations. The chimpanzees that made it to the top ranking positions were Goliath, mike, Humphrey, figan, and Goblin. These top ranking alpha males gained their positions in similar but yet different ways.

(4)The impressive charging display is used to make a chimpanzee look bigger and more dangerous than he may be. The more carefully the chimpanzee plans the display better the chances of intimidating his rivals without resources to actual physical combat. During this display the hair on the chimpanzee will stand up, and the face will have a furious scrowl. The chimpanzee will then stamp and slap loudly upon the ground or a tree trunk, and leap to shake the vegetation. The chimpanzee will drag huge branches along the ground to make noise then will throw the branches ahead of him. The chimpanzee will also throw rocks in every direction.

The male chimpanzees trying to achieve top raniking position must first be able to dominate all of the adult female chimpanzees. Then move on the adult male chimpanzees. The mothers of the chimpanzees that are trying to achieve their spot as top ranking male will back them up in a time of need. (pg 4) An adult male trying to make it to the top has a much better chance of sucess if he has an ally a friend who will consistently come to his assistance in times of need.

Custom Essays on Dominance at gombe stream

(Pg 44)Mike deposed Goliath to rise to the top ranking position of the community. Mike accomplished this by discovering that he could use empty four gallon tin cans from the research camp in his displays. By doing this Mike was successful in intimidating all of the other chimpanzee

(pg 46)Humphrey only held the top ranking position for one and a half years. Humphrey obtained his position by defeating Mike the present top ranking male. He did this by attacking Mike for no apparent reason at all with Faben as his ally. (47)Humphrey got a lucky break by not having to defeat the two males that he feared the most.

(pg4)Figan was for a while became the most powerful alpha male in Gombe’s recorded history. Figan had a long struggle of defeating

Goblin rised to top ranking male by getting lucky when figan died the other males gave him is way and let him be the top ranking male

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