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The great inflow of immigrants also has some harsh consequences. It results in negative feelings toward them in different Western countries. Many nationalistic organizations and unions from government to youth level have appeared in last decades. American politics say “We are regularly reminded that whites are about to become a minority in America, that our borders are out of control, that we cannot provide job and free education to everybody in the world” (Stafford 1). At the same time they explain that growth of immigration and, therefore, nationalism exists because “societies tend to look for pseudo certainties and that people are insecure in this era immense and rapid political economic, and social change” (Rourke and Boyer 1). Already in 15 a majority of Canadians considered immigrants as a problem for society because a lot of them didn’t accept Canadian values. Therefore, they thought that Canadian culture needed to be protected (Rourke and Boyer ). Because of wide advertising and common belief in better life, those who immigrate to highly developed countries are sure that governments of the Western countries guarantee jobs, places to live, community services, and education for their children. But according to statistics of Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration in United States 5 % of immigrants become unemployed during the first year of their arriving. Majority of others are simply exploited and work for very low wages. The U.S. meatpacking industry, for example, “used immigrants as a ready supply of cheap labor, and kept them divided by stirring up tensions over race, language, ethnicity, and national origin” (Ostendorf 4). This shows that exploitation takes place in the U.S. job market, and that it is of great use to different companies. Moreover, meatpacking enterprises promised immigrants only local jobs and enhanced tax base. No attention was paid to health care, community services, schools, youth and children. Only churches tried to work on these problems partly (Ostendorf 4). The only possibility for adaptation to immigrants is that “in some places, new commitments to long term, faith-based organizing are emerging from bonds between churches and immigrant workers” (Ostendorf 4).

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