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Oliver Twist

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Can you imagine what the life of an orphan would be if he is to live in a miserable world in which he has no friends, no happiness but just endless sorrows and sadness? who will try his best to strive despite all the hardship? Oliver Twist is a book which tells us how an orphan struggled in a world full of miseries.

The story beings with the birth of a child, Oliver Twist. his mother died right after his birth. in the place where he was born, many people were suffering from starvation. some even died of hunger. In order to survive, people became ill-natured. They betrayed their soul. Stealing and cheating became part of their life as if they were some right things to do. In such an evil world, conscience had been given way to hunger. All beautiful sides of human beings had vanished. Everyone became indifferent and harsh. Even children, who were supposed to be pure and innocent, were no longer lovely. They were all but the victims of a cruel world.

The book does impress me so much that I can hardly stop reading it once I start to read it. Charles Dickens depicted the story in such a delicate way that I fell as if I were hearing the cries of Oliver as he as beaten. I like all the good characters in the story and hate the bad guys. To share the feelings of the characters in the book is really great!

Although Oliver was living in such a cruel world in which his life was full of miseries, he had never blamed his mother who brought him to this world. On the country, he loved her very much though he did not know who she was. This could be demonstrated by the incident that he almost killed Noch when he insulted his mother. Moreover, he always tried his best to survive and had never given up hopes. He was optimistic no matter how harsh life was. He was always beaten by the people around him, though, he never hated them. He cried bitterly but had never thought of revenge. He was so innocent. I am always moved by his kindness whenever I read the story of his.

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Comparing to the kids nowadays, I am ashamed as many of them cannot live as bravely as Oliver did. They cannot stand frustration, however small. I always wonder how Oliver could still be so innocent even without being taught by his parents and teachers. what was right and what was wrong. We should learn from him and never live in hatred or with evil-spirit in our hearts. The way Oliver struggled with his fate, being born as an orphan, makes me sympathize the kids who easily ended their lives for trivial matters. Had they given a second thought, they would not have done so. In my view, people have no right end their lives or hurt themselves as our bodies are the gifts of our parents. Our friends, teachers, relatives and everyone around us will be very sad if they know that their beloved killed themselves in such a foolish way. Had they ever thought of their parents who would always wash their faces with tears before they decided to die? What would they feel if they had known how much their beloved friends would miss them whenever they stare at their pictures thinking of them? Why dont we cherish life and make it a valuable and meaningful one?

admire Olivers bravery very much. When he was in the work house, he and the other orphans were only given little food. As a result, they chose Oliver as their representative in asking for more food. Oliver knew very well that he might be beaten if he made the request, though, he stood in front of the man in the workhouse, asking for more food from him in a frightening voice. Please, sir, I want more. The man found the boy incredible as on one had dared to make such a request. He hold the amazing story to his colleagues and poor Oliver was, as expected, beaten severely because of his craziness. One of the men even said he should be hung.

In my view, everyone has the right to survive. Why should Oliver be treated like a dog just because he wanted to ask for a bit more food which could keep him alive? Was there anything wrong for him to make such a request? Was it a sin for him to do so?

Everyone is equal. No one has the right to treat others inhumanly as these men did. I am so shocked by the dark side of human nature shown by them that I just cannot help showing my hatred on them. I am ashamed to admit that if I had to live in such a miserable world as Oliver did, I would be very depressed and would rather die.

Bill and Fagin are the two characters in the book I dislike most. Bill was Lovers half brother. I am sorry to see that he was the one who turned Olivers life into misery. By turning Lover a criminal, he could get everything left by Olivers father. Because of money, he treated Oliver as if he were his enemy . He put the importance of money in prior to anything. He was a fool. He never understood that money could not buy love, the most valuable gift in life. Fagin and Nil Sikes were the same kind of people. They did not trust anyone. For money, they sacrificed everything including their conscience. They betrayed their friends. In the hearts, true friendship was of no value and had never come in existence.

After reading the whole story, I realise that what Charles Dickens wanted to bring us is that goodness can remain still despite the darkness of human nature. Oliver remained as pure as an angel no matter how hard Fagin had tried to poison his mind by making use of his weaknesses. Nancy was like a flower growing in dirty mud. She was brought up by a gang but she had never turned into a devil-like woman. She insisted on being loyal to the gang on the one hand, but tried her best to protect Oliver at all prices on the other hand. In spite of the dangers, she helped Oliver to regain happiness. One may expect that such a kind woman would be rendered a happy life in the future as most fairy tales do. Unfortunately, it is not the case. In the end, Nancy was killed by Sikes, the man she loved so much, just because he wrongly thought that she had betrayed him.. What a miserable life it was!

the ideal would depicted by Charles Dickens has never come into existence. Nowadays, the value of morality is declining. Everyone may, to a more or less extent, have some evil-spirit in his heart. If you are the one who insists on doing only right things, you may be laughed at or boycotted by others. People will see you as a stranger. However, we should have an ability to make an individual judgement to judge what is right and what is wrong. We should not be so easily affected by the things and the people around us. We should always exercise our power to think, independently, and follow the example of Nancy instead of any other people in the book. The God will look after the one with a kind heart, I believe. Fortune will only be with kind people. Miracle will occur to people who never give up hopes easily. These are the things I learn from the book. Why dont we put aside of all worries and always live with hopes as Oliver did in the book?

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