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small business management

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Ace Enterprises

Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.)

Hector L. Acevedo Jr.

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Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary- Mission, Vision, Keys

to Success

. Company Overview- Company Ownership, Company 5

History, Profitability and Growth, Locations

and Hours of Operations

. Products/Service - Products, Services 7

4. Marketing - Customers, Market Share, 8

Marketing Strategy,

5. Management � Current, Organizational Structure 10

6. Financials � Start-Up Costs, Operating Costs 11

and Independent Owner Plan

Appendix I � Financial Statements 1

Appendix II- Independent Business Owner 15


Executive Summary


Ace Enterprises is devoted to providing clients and members with top of the line products and services. In addition, the firm is devoted to creating a need, desire, and passion for others to become successful independent business owners. Ace Enterprises stands as an encouragement and mentor toward other independent businesses. Ace Enterprises stands to be dependable, reliable, and approachable, build relationships that will last forever.


Ace Enterprises has established itself as a leader in home based business industry. Headquartered in Dorchester, MA, Ace Enterprises will net in excess of $50 thousand dollars in profit within its first year of operations, ending November 004. The vision of Ace Enterprises is to create and establish other home based independently owned businesses internationally. This vision is to be accomplished by

ɨ Teaching customers to redirect buying habits.

ɨ Developing personally and take advantage of the system.

ɨ Reaching and teaching who are willing to listen.

ɨ Reaching and teaching who are willing to work.

Keys to Success

Ace Enterprises keys to success are

ɨ Superior quality. Products and services.

ɨ Providing a wide range and variety of products and services.

ɨ Establishing an interpersonal relationship with customers.

ɨ Establishing access of products through catalog and Internet services for shopping ease.

ɨ Providing encouragement to other home based businesses.

Company Overview

Company Ownership

Ace Enterprises is a privately held independent Massachusetts company. Hector L. Acevedo Jr. is the sole proprietor. It was Mr. Acevedo’s intent not to offer outside ownership. It was also his intention to offer and present a concept to others in order to make them successful.

Mr. Acevedo acquired a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration from Eastern Nazarene College. While in his senior year at Eastern Nazarene College, he was introduced to a marketing plan and business system that would allow him to create this company.

Company History

Hector Acevedo founded Ace Enterprises in November 00. The firm is affiliated with Quixtar.com, which is the manufacturer of the products and services. In addition, Britt World Wide is the business system that is also affiliated with Ace Enterprises. It was these two associates that Mr. Acevedo was able to optimize the growing demand for high-end quality products with unbeatable service. In addition, to provide a means for customers to acquire extra income in the process. Ace Enterprises has promoted itself through the building of interpersonal relationships with in the Massachusetts area. It has promoted heavily with other small business as well as residents of the area.

Profitability and Growth

Profitability will come from a plethora of avenues. Some avenues are due to retail and wholesale difference, performance bonuses, sponsorship revenues, and leadership bonuses are a few methods of income. Growth potential and opportunities are enormous.

Locations and Hours of Operations

Since the firm encourages others to create their independent business, anyone anywhere in the world is a growth potential and opportunity. This is how growth potential is so gigantic. The firm does not rely on franchising as a means of profitability. However, when other companies or business are created through the aid and sponsorship of Ace Enterprises, the firm will collect venue of income.

Ace Enterprises is open 4 hours a day, 65 days a year. How? The Internet is the main source of operations, and the other source of operations is through mail order catalog.



Ace Enterprises deals within the realm of manufactured products. Products that are used in every day life, such as toilet paper, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, shampoo, etc. These top of the line products are concentrated. Also, they contain 100% product; unlike some of our competitors that use 0% product and 70% fillers. The personal health products are 100% organic providing a quicker dissolving rate into the body’s system. In addition to these exclusive Quixtar manufactured products, the company deals with electronics, apparel, furniture, beauty products, and more through the partner stores.


Ace Enterprises provide services through partner stores and corporations such as hotels, car rentals, real estate firms, cellular phones and plans, financial services, food, auctions are a few of the services provided by Quixtar. In addition to the actual services provided, customers also receive discount prices. For instance, if a customer were looking to purchase an automobile. The automobile in question would be purchased slightly above the invoice price the dealership received.



Ace Enterprises strives to serve the average customer. Customers using consumable products are the customers we intend to reach. The firm’s target market is people between the ages of 18-80 years of age. In addition, people of all races, backgrounds, religions, and both genders. Therefore, these parameters show that the target market is always growing.

Market Share

Market share is growing gradually. Once those who have been able to redirect their buying habits they will not want to go to the other products on the market. Our market is so enormous that expansion is very possible. The way to increase market share is through “High Tech, High Touch.” High tech means the way of ordering the products through the e-commerce. High touch is the interpersonal relationships we have with our customers and sponsored business.

Marketing Strategy

Word of mouth is the principle marketing strategy utilized to reach the target audience. This is how Ace Enterprises intends to create differentiation among competitors. It is because of this principle that cost remain low. There is no advertising budget; therefore, all of that capital is redirected toward research and development. This is how the exclusive core products are all leaders in their prospective product markets.


Current Management

During this time Hector Acevedo is heading all operations for Ace Enterprise. However, small business alliances affiliated with Ace Enterprises aid in sales, sponsorship, strategy, technical support, product development, supplies, and overall success.

Organizational Structure

Future structure will remain the same. Since, Ace Enterprises’ alliances aid in all areas of operations; there is no need to hire personnel. In addition, small businesses sponsored by Ace Enterprises will be mentored not managed by Ace Enterprises. Furthermore, those alliances sponsored by Ace Enterprises will also be mentored by the alliances that mentor Ace Enterprises and all its operations.


Start-Up costs

The costs for start up are the main costs to be accounted for. The cost to register with Quixtar and BWW is a miniscule fee. This cost covers sample products, literature, and the access to the Quixtar site. Furthermore, due to the nature of the business set up there is no need for personnel, legal fees, occupancy, insurance, advertising, salaries, accounting, and payroll expenses. The only starts up costs to account for are utilities, supplies, and equipment.

Operating Costs

Operating costs are the same as the start up costs. Personnel, insurance, rent, loan payments, advertising/promotions, legal, accounting, payroll expenses, and salaries/wages are not accounted for. However, expenses such as supplies, miscellaneous, utilities, renewal fees (yearly), repairs/maintenance (for equipment), depreciation (for equipment), and taxes.

Independent Business Owner Plan

There are four steps to success. Every product has a point value (PV) associated with it along with a business dollar value (BV). This serves as an inflation fighter, and it is a 1.5 ratio respectively. In addition, the difference between wholesale and retail is an estimated savings of % which an IBO receives. The performance bonus schedule (see Appendix I) is the way in which Quixtar pay its IBOs. Furthermore, the more sponsored will create more income generated.

ɨ Step one, 100PV

% - Your est. retail profit on $50 BV= $ 8.50; Quixtar pays % of $50 BV= $7.50

Income $0/mo. $1,080/yr.

ɨ Step two, sponsor 6 doing 100PV, 700PV= $1,750 BV.

% of $1,750 BV= $157.50

Quixtar pays % of $50 BV= $7.50 x 6= $45

$157.50-$45= $11.50+$8.50 Income $15/mo. $,40/yr.

ɨ Step three, 6 sponsor 4 doing 100PV, 100PV= $7,750 BV

18% of $7,750 BV= $1,5

Quixtar pays 6% of $1,50 BV (5 IBOs x $50 BV)

$75 x 6= $450, $1,5-$450= $45+$8.50

Income $1,07/mo. $1,0/yr.

ɨ Step four, 4 sponsor doing 100PV, 700PV= $1,750 BV

5% of $1,750 BV= $4,7.50

Quixtar pays 1% of $,50 BV (1 IBOs x $50 BV)

$0 x 6= $,40, $47.50-$,40= $57.50+$8.50

Income $,680/mo. $,160/yr.

Appendix I

Start-Up Budget ($)

Income 7

Personnel 0

Legal/Professorial Fees 0

Occupancy 0

Licenses 14

Equipment 0

Insurance 0

Supplies 0

Advertising 0

Salaries/Wages 0

Accounting 0

Utilities 0

Payroll Expenses 0

Total (51)

Operating Budget Year 1

(Yearly Est.)

Income ,160 6,1 150,000

Personnel 0 0 0

Insurance 0 0 0

Rent 0 0 0

Depreciation 0 0 0

Loan Payment 0 0 0

Advertising 0 0 0

Legal/Accounting 0 0 0

Supplies 000 4500 6000

Payroll Expenses 0 0 0

Salaries/Wages 0 0 0

Miscellaneous Exp. 000 4500 6000

Total 6,160 60,1 18,000

Projected Balance Sheet


Current 0 04 05

Cash 11,160 46,5 10,78

Inv. 0 0 0

Other Current 0 0 0


Long-term Assets

Long-term Assets 15,000 40,000 110,000

Accumulated Dep. 0 1,50 7,500

Total Long-term Assets 15,000 8,750 10,500

Total Assets 6,160 85,8 ,8

Liabilities and Capital

Accounts Payable 0 0 0

Current Borrowing 0 0 0

Other Current Liabilities 0 0 0

Total Current 0 0 0

Long-term Liabilities 0 0 0

Total Liabilities 0 0 0

Paid-in Capital 0 0 0

Retained Earnings 0 6,160 85,8

Earnings 6,160 60,1 18,000

Total Capital

Total Liabilities

And Capital 6,160 85,8 ,8

Appendix II

Step One Step Two

Step Three Step Four

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