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who dunit

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Once upon a time there was a rabbit named Theo who was sitting in the middle of the forest. He had hurt his leg.

What a shame! Today Theo was going to meet his friend, Timothy the turtle at the creek.

“What can I do?” Theo said.

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“My friend is at the creek, and here I am in the middle of the forest. I have a bad leg, and I can’t hop.”

“I know what I’ll do, Theo says. “I will ask my other friends for advice.”

Along came Tweety the bird.

“Why are you sitting here in the middle of the forest? I thought you were going to visit Timothy.

“Because I have a bad leg, and I can’t hop” says Theo.

“If I had a bad leg, I would fly to the creek,” says Tweety the bird.

“Thank you for your advice, but I do not have wings, like you.”

Along came Theo’s friend, a monkey named George.

“Why are you sitting here in the middle of the forest?” asked George.

“Because I have a bad leg, and I can’t hop” says Theo.

I am supposed to be going to the creek to visit with Timothy.

“George, do you have any ideas how I can get there, asked Theo.”

“If I had a bad leg, I would swing from tree to tree until I reached the creek” says George.

“Thank you for your advice, but I do not have a tail, like you.”

Along came Theo’s friend, a lion name Leo.

“Why are you sitting here in the middle of the forest?

“Because I have a bad leg, and I can’t hop” says Theo. “Leo, do you have any ideas how I can get their, asked Theo.”

“If I had a bad leg,” says Leo. “I would roar so loud that everyone in the whole forest would hear me and come running to see what was the matter.”

Leo lets out a roar.

All the animals in the forest came.

“What’s all the noise?” Chester the chipmunk asks.

“Theo has hurt his leg” says Tweety,” and he cannot hop to the end of forest to the creek to visit with Timothy.

Chester suggested that if Theo couldn’t go see Timothy at the creek that they should bring Timothy to the forest to visit with Theo.

In the meantime, at the creek Timothy was being a very greedy little turtle. He loved to swim in the creek. He would do back flips and front flips…back strokes and cartwheels, the only problem was he thought the creek was his. One day he was swimming when he heard a giggle. He turned around and saw two beavers, Mandy and Randy.

“Hello” they said realizing they had company.

“What are you guys doing in my creek?” said Timothy.

“Your creek?”


This is my creek and you guys are hogging all the water so if you don’t mind get out.”

“Were sorry. This is a public creek. Everyone is welcome!”

“I don’t think so I saw if first!”

Randy and Timothy began to argue.

“Is to”

“Is not!”

“Is too times 5!”

“Is not times 10!”

“Is not times…..”

“SILENCE!!!!!” yelled Mandy.

They both looked at Mandy surprised.

“Why don’t you split the creek?” she asked.

“Ok says Timothy.”

“I agree says Randy.”

“We can make a dam to split the creek” says Randy.

Just then Timothy said, “I want the side that goes down stream because it is bigger!”

“But……” said Mandy.

“No buts I want the big half” says Timothy.

“Fine” said Randy.

The next day Timothy came out and jumped into the creek.

“CANNON BALL!” he yelled.

“BBBOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM! Timothy hit rock bottom.

“Hey where is the water? He said to himself” Then a small drop of water hit him on the head.

Just then he heard splashing and giggling. Then he looked over on the other side of Randy and Mandy’s dam and saw them swimming in the water.

“Hey, No fair you guys stole my water!” Timothy said angrily.

“No we didn’t.”

“Then were is it?”

“We tried to tell you but you were to busy being greedy. You choose the down stream side so all your waters drifted downstream!”

“Can I play here?” asked Timothy in a quiet voice.

“Well, if you won’t be greedy and you will share.”

“Ok” said Timothy. At that point Timothy, Randy and Mandy became good friends.

Just then Tweety came to tell Timothy that Theo had hurt his leg and he would like you to visit with him in the forest.

Timothy, Tweety, Randy and Mandy went to see Theo. They partied well into the night together.

“Thank you for helping me,” said Theo to his friends.

Theo realized the most important thing everyone needs are friends.

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