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This article written by Sandra Griffin introduces the idea of child rights to a decent quality of childcare. She claims that we as a society focus greatly on numerous issues of peoples rights, but when it comes to the rights of children to have decent childcare we are quiet. The government seems to be able to spend all kinds of money on issues such as gun control, abortion and traffic violations, but when it come to child care nothing much seems to be done. Many volunteers are attempting to publicize the issue about how poor the quality of childcare is and how it will effect the children in the future. This is because of the inadequate or negligent care as a young child they may have experienced. They are promoting the issue in which children have rights and that those rights are being violated. Since 11 when Canada signed an international convention that gave children these basic rights. They are telling this to the public so society as a whole knows what is going on in the childcare system. They are asking people to speak out so the message gets across to everyone. In 14 a document was created called the Geneva Declaration of the League of Nations, which identifies five basic principles to guide society in providing for children. Items such as a child must be supplied both materially and spiritually. If the child is hungry he must be feed. The child must be first to receive relief in times of distress. They must be protected from every exploitation. The child must as well be raised to respect his fellowmen. In 148, the universal declaration of human rights acknowledged the family as the primary support system for children as they have the right to be protected. The United Nations adopted this so children would have theses rights where they combined them with the child’s civil, social, political, economic and cultural rights. The children basic needs should be met and they should also be protected from harm. The UNCRC would like to see children growing up in a healthy safe environment where he or she will be cared for and where both parents have the responsibility for raising their child. The UNCRC emphasizes that the family is a great support system for the child, but in some cases this may not happen due to things like neglect or child abuse. Therefore money is needed in the system when these situations occur. If some families do not make enough money, but are good parents they will need extra money for the child’s living conditions as well to provide materials which the child needs. They also need to support programs that assist with nutrition and clothing to make sure every child has nutritional food and stays warm. The national debt should not be an excuse for this problem. Children should be first on the list because they are the future and if we want the society to stay strong and healthy the needs of the children must be meet. If we want children to be successful we need to give them the best possible start in life and have them go to early childhood education. For this to happen they need you and everyone else to raise your voice and speak out to the society so these needs can be meet.

This article does have some bias opinions in it. The main reason for this in my opinion is because Saundra Griffin wrote the article and she is currently the president of the Canadian Child Care Federation. She chose to only focus and criticize the negative things about the child care system we now have. While there is undoubtedly many items that can be improved upon there are also positive things in the present system and did not utilize this opportunity to mention any of them. The points she made are clear and it does apply to almost everyone because it is the future for someone you are close to. When she said the government needs to spend more money on child care rather then gun control or traffic violations it also showed her opinions in the article, which were bias to her own agenda. I felt this way because maybe she does not have anything to do with gun control, but on the other hand an individual who has no feelings toward the child care system might have the totally opposite point of view. The article could have been a lot more bias and I think the author did a fairly good job of not making it totally bias.

I agree with the author Sandra Griffin because she stated some very good points. Children are going to be the future and if they grow up in a bad environment without the basic needs to be healthy what is the world going to come to. You learn most of your habits at a young age therefore that is the time where you should have the best environment possible as well as a decent quality of childcare. As a child you need to stay warm in the winter and the government should be supporting the events to raise money for these children. The children are not the ones who are responsible for the environment they live in and they should not be punished for their parents not having sufficient family income. The government is always saying how we need a larger population base to support the aging population in Canada. In reality they are doing little to help a family raise kids, if credits and other financial benefits such as affordable childcare were available they may be able to afford larger families. Larger families are not going to happen unless people feel they can afford to bring them up properly so they eventually will become productive adults. I think more people should speak out so maybe there could be more money put into childcare and the issue needs to be stated to the public. Sandra Griffin did an excellent job of stating the facts and I agree with what she had to say.

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