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Data Handling

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An Inspector calls

Arthur Birling

1. Arthur is a very proud man and he thinks that men will always be able to cope on their own. He is a very noble man and I do not think that he would ever ask for help from a woman, I also think that he would tell his son that he must not ask help from a female. I can tell by the way that he presents himself that he expects a lot of respect from the members of his household because he is the man who is producing the wealth. I think that he is used to talking down to people at work, being the boss of a large company and he brings it home when he shouldn’t. When Arthur says ‘… a man has to make his own way � has to look after himself’’ he shows us that he does not put a lot of trust in people and that maybe he is a afraid of loosing what he has so he stays a closed book to protect himself and his family.

. Arthur was very harsh to Eva Smith a former employee at Birling and Co until she asked for higher pay. I think that Arthur was shocked at Eva Smith’s cheek at asking such a question and it maybe scared him, thought that he was loosing his touch. He may of thought that someone wasn’t scared of him no more and the only way to fix that was to get rid of her. He also couldn’t afford more pay so I think that this embarrassed him slightly and would feel awkward with her working for him afterwards if he hadn’t have sacked him. I think when he sacked her, she became deeply depressed and this may have led to her suicide.

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. Arthur cannot accept the responsibility because he believes that a businessman has a special stereotype and he thinks that he must follow it to be successful. I think that he is very determined and that nothing will take him away from his business not even his family and close friends.

4. Arthur believes that his responsibilities are to pay his employees as less as possible and work them as hard as he can. If he did listen to Eva Smith and did give her a rise he would look like a bad businessman. So he sacked her for asking which is over the top but makes him look like he has a lot of authority and that is very important to him.

Sheila Birling

5. Sheila’s reaction to the inspector’s summary of Eva’s time with Birling and Co shows that she has a lot of respect for women and herself. I think that she would stick up for herself if anything happened that’s he was not happy with. I also think that she would have an answer for everything if she worked for a man like her husband. Sheila has a lot of will power in life, which is a good sign because I don’t think that she would ever be messed about.

6. Sheila met Eva Smith at Birling and Co when she was there to buy a new hat, when she seen Eva she felt like she had a challenge because she wasn’t the only attractive girl in the room. She felt a slight bit jealousy, which I think she had never felt before. When Sheila found out about Eva’s death she couldn’t feel sorry for her because of the way that she felt before. Because of the power through her name she arranged to get Sheila sacked from Millwards. I don’t think that she meant to be nasty she just felt jealous and needed to do something about it.

7. I think that Sheila is ashamed of the way that she treated Eva because she didn’t mean to do it. I think that she realised what she had done later on and felt embarrassed because she must have looked stupid to the people that work in the shop. She only did it because she didn’t like not being the centre of attention.

8. From the beginning of ‘An Inspector Calls’ you can see that Sheila is quite amazed by what the inspector has to say about Eva Smith. He makes a lot of revelations that only she would know that is why she is so taken back by the inspector. She believes that she is to blame for the suicide of Eva Smith as much as everyone in the house because of that day in Birling & Co and the way she treated her.

Gerald Croft

. In ‘An Inspector Calls’ we learn that Gerald Croft looks up to his father and that he is a typical man’s man. We can see this when he says ‘Hear, hear. And I think my father would agree to that’ because he is expecting his father to agree with him. This also shows a slight bit of big headed behaviour, which you can easily expect from this character. He is courting with a beautiful young lady called Sheila Birling and I think that he thinks he can do better because of him having an affair with Eva Smith/ Daisy Renton.

10. Gerald Croft had an affair with Eva Smith or Daisy Renton, as he knew her. He accidentally impregnated her when they had an affair earlier on in the story. I think that he was just looking for someone who was willing to give him more affection than his girlfriend Sheila was. They met in a club, which was full of hookers and whores, he noticed Eva/ Daisy because of her being quiet and probably the only classy looking girl in there. She was surprised to see him as much as him her. When he found out about their baby together he got scared and gave Eva money to leave and look after the baby. He used Eva while he wasn’t getting along with Sheila, which was very unfair and selfish. I think her having to runaway was also a big step towards suicide because she probably couldn’t deal with having to look after herself.

11. I think that Gerald feels very guilty when the inspector comes round because he realises what he must have done to Eva/ Daisy. I think that he wishes she ‘d blamed him instead of herself because she probably wouldn’t have done anything about it. I think that he feels really bad about the death of Eva Smith because it is making him feel bad. I think that he is a very selfish man because he is always thinking about himself and not others. I think that he thinks he will feel better if he mourns the death of the woman he helped to kill.

1. I think that the audience doesn’t like Gerald Croft very much at the end of the play because he is a very selfish man. I think that women would dislike him more because they would never like to be treated how he has treated Eva and his girlfriend Sheila. I think that men would dislike him because he is making men look bad and not all of them are.

Sybil Birling

1. I think before the inspectors visit to the Birling household Sybil thought her family was almost perfect but after she realised that they was all nearly as guilty for Eva Smiths death just as much her. I think that she feels a bit more relaxed after the visit from the inspector because she knows a lot more about her husband and her children but also a bit annoyed because they didn’t tell her anything about their private lives.

14. When Eva Smith needed help from Sybil and her charity, Sybil turned her away with a child, which was very unfair and mean. She needed help with food and money but Sybil would not help her, which probably led Eva Smith to be unable to fend for herself and her baby. If she would have took her in she probably would have survived and still be with her baby.

15. I think that Sybil feels no shame because she is a very cold and stern person that will not feel sorry for anybody. I think that she had a problem with Eva because how attractive she was. I think that Sybil is very comfortable with how she is and she is not taking any of the blame for Eva Smith’s suicide �‘I did nothing that I am ashamed of or that won’t bear investigation’.

Eric Birling

17. Eric is a young man who enjoys a drink quite a lot, I think that he looks up to his father because of his successful business but he knows that he cannot follow in his footsteps because of his problem with alcohol. Eric enjoys his life but I think that it is a sham that he feels he has to have a drink to do this. Drink sometimes depresses him, which is a major down side to his life because I think that he is quite intelligent.

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