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Controversial Confederate flag

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The South proudly flies the Rebel flag as a symbol of its heritage. However, it has become a controversial subject. The North sees it as a reminder of segregation and slavery. Contrary to popular belief, the flag is not the symbol of hate that it is said to be.

The confusion of the KKK and rebel flag started back around Gettysburg with the Civil

war. Some Confederates formed the KKK and the rebel flag was just one flag used...so

really it doesn’t have much to do with it. The rebel flag is a flag of the Confederacy,

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and the KKK is more like a way of life, or religion for those involved. To be bluntly

speaking, I think some want to be racist hillbilly grabbed the flag and associated it with

the KKK.

Because of some members of the KKK and other hate groups using the flag in

association with hate, it has caused a lot of people to think of it only as a symbol of

hate.” (Interview with a member of the KKK)

Robert Edward Lee was a Confederate hero. He was described as having every virtue

of the great commanders, without their vices, a foe without hate, a friend without

treachery, brave, gentle, generous, caring, noble, and modest. It was at General

Robert Edward Lee’s battle site that the battle flag flew. In his life Robert Edward Lee

was a winner. In his childhood he never lost anything, but as every great man does, he

lost. A born winner loses, and in his defeat, he won the most lasting victory.

The man who fought against the Union showed us what unity means.


Many people have their beliefs on what the flag symbolizes. Though some may choose

to view it as a symbol of hate, for the true supporters of the flag, in their hearts it will

forever be a symbol of southern heritage.

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