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los locos

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from outside. I noticed the alarm had just gone off. I felt old and frustrated because I felt I did not sleep enough. Everything sounded quiet peacefuly. I got out of bed and felt still a little sleepy. I took a shower, got dressed, and made the bed. I made some coffee. I wondered about the darkness outside and I watched the clock. I could not believe I felt wrong or hallucinating. Thus, I went to my room and turned on the TV. It showed some telemarketing products and I changed the channel looking for the time. Oh my God! When the clock showed 55 a.m. I realized I could have slept more. So, I got mad at myself and at the fact that I wasted my time and I did not need to go to school yet. How could have I woken up at 40 a.m.? I still do not know what happened to me that morning. After I fond out the time , I came back to bed and fell asleep for 45 minutes.

I had psychology class at 70 a.m. So, I stayed at the classroom as a zombie but nobody noticed it. I had an interesting class as always; however, I felt already tired and could not concentrate. After the psychology class, I had to go to work from a.m. to 6 p.m. In spite of this, I had to come back right after work to take another class during the evening. I do not know how I made it. I arrived just on time at work. I took my keys out from my bag pack and open the clinic’s door. After this, I pushed the code and turned off the security system. It would have been a pretty good day still if everything at work would have gone as usual. But guess what?, things started to get more complicated at the clinic as well. In a normal day, there are usually 10 people with appointments who need to be attended. This taking in consideration the fact that this is a fairly small Chiropractic clinic. This day; however, We saw more people than usual. People kept and kept on coming. I ended up eating at around 0 in the afternoon. I got starved. It was a horrible day. Something rather funny happened to me though, the food I had ordered never show up. I got spice food instead than regular food. . I could not enjoy my lunch because I hate spicy food. I stayed hungry. I began to feel dizzy, my hands started to shake, and my body to sweat. I felt sick as if I had fallen from an skyscraper. I decided I had had much for just one day. So, I asked one of the doctors if I could take a brake. I relaxed for a bit. I calmed down and wished for everything to go back to normal. It helped me to feel better and continued my day.

I Got out from work and I decided not to go to my evening class. So, I went directly to home. I felt exhausted. I found my house cold inside and comfortable. It felt nice to be at home. I took a shower with warm water which let me get rid of the stress. However, when I felt asleep, I received a I call from my sister telling me that she needed a ride. I had to pick her up at work and take her to eat something before getting home. We went to Mc Donald’s and ordered two cheese burgers, two chocolate milk shakes, French fries and chicken tenders. When I had to pay I did not find my purse. So, I did not have cash to pay our big order. It felt embarrassed but I had no choice and left without food. Therefore, I had to prepare sandwiches at home. They tasted delicious after all. Finally, I brushed my teeth and went to sleep hoping to have better day next day.

In conclusion, to sleep enough hours at night is fundamental because the next day keeps nice and beautiful. The daily routine gets better and fun. I could not sleep enough last Tuesday and my day gave some difficulties such as the spicy food, tiredness, and frustration of feeling unable to do things that I usually

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