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10, Trimbach, Cuv�e Fr�d�ric Émile Riesling, 1% alcohol, imported by Chateau and Estates, $6. Gs 1st offering.

C Thin, not real complex, slightly sour. Ill guess Alsatian -- not a Riesling -- a Pinot Gris.

G At first, the nose has oranges and lemons. I get a clear taste of slate, a flavor which is rare for me. The citrus stuff got less noticeable as it sat open.

B Ahhh, the tight tones of Alsace -- like unto the butt cheeks of my favorite Ballet dancers.

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I am initially drawn to a guess of Pinot Blanc, but since I really like the wine there is something clearly amiss. With some glass time, I get quality Riesling notes and there you have it -- Alsatian Riesling from 4 is my guess -- Trimbach Riesling -- but not the Cuvee Frederic Emile. Completely dry. I guess a weak vintage from a decent producer.

Death of a Wine

G The story of this wine is that I had picked it up at a reasonable price while traveling in Pittsburgh. The wine, then, sat in a basement out there for a year. I was out there again and it was a cool, late summer day, so I decided to transport the wine back to NJ in the air-conditioned car. Of course, the car broke down on the PA Turnpike and the weather turned hot. The wine, the family, and I spent a night in a motel in Carlisle. A couple of the bottles had pushed up corks and one had leaked. We opened the leaker and drank it using the water glasses in the motel. The wine tasted great, at least compared to the complete disaster the day had been. I saved the remaining bottles with the revised plan of not keeping them for too long. Six months later, Im springing one on B. The wine is still good, with interesting notes, but a lot of the fruit is gone from the middle of it. If I didnt know the history of this wine I probably wouldnt notice that anything was wrong with it given an isolated bottle. I just wouldnt get why this wine has quite the reputation that it does (for instance, among Wine Spectators top 10 new releases of 15).

B The price paid in moving the wine is in moving the wine towards Sauv. Blanc.

Non-Vintage, Riviera, Indage Ltd, Maharashtra India, imported by Breck Baldwin. Bs 1st offering.

G The nose is gooseberry/rhubarb/cranberry crumble, also talc.

B Yeah, talc in an armpit.

G Yes, but its the wines saving grace, what makes it interesting.

There is also something swimming poolish about this wine.

C More like a room next to the swimming pool.

B Yeah, the locker room at the pool with some really dirty sneakers in one corner!

C Ive always liked the smell of chlorine. Ill guess non-Alsatian.

G It really doesnt have much of a mouth ... no wait, maybe ... no its just the residual taste from the previous wine.

The only appreciable legs on the wine are those from the grit on the side of the glass (tartaric crystals in the wine). Ill guess its a 4 white Bordeaux, mostly Sauv. Blanc. The wine is light, mildly pleasant and mildly distinctive.

B The faintest yellowing of what would otherwise be H0. So what exists in this other than H0? The skins from squeezed, scraped and zested lemons. I would guess this to be a 4 French Sauv. Blanc. On later tasting, I would guess Calif.

18, Jos� Maria da Fonseca Succs, Garrafeira CS, Portugal, bottled May 186, 1% alcohol, imported by Jaydor Corp, $10.. Gs nd offering.

G Clear color, lots of brown, no sediment, thin texture, smooth nose. I found the mouth hard to grab - a little harsh. No middle left. Acidic, made me pucker. The nose has roses.

B Old nose, brown edges, fading wine in many ways. But there is that acidity, and a core of youthful enthusiasm.

C Thats estrogen therapy.

It is also earthy.

G Earthy, but not soil, more like dirty.

B Thinking aged Pinot, Im initially going Mondavi Reserve. Bubbles in the swirlage, which indicates old stuff. Started with quite a bit of oak, but me thinks it has blown off. Along with the acid. This has moved into that old wine place where Pinot tastes like Bordeaux and I am really stretched to find varietal quality. I consider Bordeaux from the 60s, but I stick with a ..., no, not that, ... vacillating, not unlike my relationship with A, ... 8 Cote Nuit Burgundy, before I can change my mind again.

18, Hugel, Gewurztraminer, Vendage Tardive, S�lectionn� par Jean Hugel, 14% alcohol, imported by Wildman. Bs nd offering.

C Delivers the cough of Gew. Very acidic for a sweet wine.

G If I hold it on the wrong part my tongue it is bitter and acidic. Its a Gew, Auslese or Berenauslese from Germany.

B The nose has this flat quality of late harvest Gews and Pinot Gris that I have done. This is the one quality where Sauternes really pull away from the best of Alsace. But the mouth is what I love this wine for -- almost a little moldy tasting, slightly. Tons of acid. Do on a yearly basis for a while.

Have we aborted this wine in an attempt to deliver it too soon? It will certainly last a long time, but do sweet white wines go through a dumb phase like dry reds?

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