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Life Skills Health

Page 16- Lesson 1

Lesson 1 Review

1. Emotions involve both thoughts and physical changes.

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Answer Tru

. The need for food and safety are physical needs.

Answer False

. People experience different kinds of love in meeting belonging needs.

Answer True

4. Your self-concept determines your self-esteem.

Answer True

5. Self- actualization needs are the most basic needs.

Answer false.Life Skills Health

Life Skills Health

Page 1 � Lesson

Lesson Review

1. What is stress?

Answer A state of physical or emotional pressure.

. How can good stress help people?

Answer Good stress helps people to accomplish goals and to change. What are some Automatic physical reactions to stress?

Answer4. What does it mean to respond to stress by fighting? By fleeing

Answer5. Where do the chemicals go when the brain sends messages to the body system controlling bodily processes Life Skills Health

Page 4 � Lesson 1. Feeling the causes a person to want to escape.Answer

Answer Anger5. Feeling after stress is gone.Answer Relief Comprehension Identifying Facts1. Emotions start with thoughts.. Emotions signal needs.. Self-concepts determine self-esteem.4. Stress is a natural mental and physical reaction to demands that require you to adapt.

5. The stress response is a physical reaction to stress.

6. Stress can trigger the impulse to fight or flee.7. Your body reacts to stress when your brain sends chemical messages to your body through your bloodstream.

8. Feelings most often linked to stress are fear, anger, grief, and relief.. Anger can lead to aggressive, which is any action that intends harm to someone.10. When you experience a loss, you may feel grief, or a feeling of deep sadness.11. How a person handles an emotion is what’s important to mental health.1. A good way to handle stress and other problems is coping.1. Relief is a light, pleasant, feeling that comes after stress is gone.

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