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Red and Green China

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The current disparity of high/low technology as well as the income gap in the upper minority and lower majority in P. R. China in 00, leaves one pondering how long can Deng Xiaopingism last without another revolution.

The writer estimates it will take only five to ten years before the Economic Revolution in China begins. And it will be bloody! More at my email by request. This is my tenth academic year in China. So you are counting, well let me just give you about two hundred and fifty words. It will be worth it to me just to exercise my fingers. But honestly, the new revolution is forthcoming. Supportive data are Xinjiang Province has repeatedly reported violence between the PLA and the ethnic natives. They are Islamic so, are in good regards with the recently freeed Soviet block countries that border Chinas west...and they are all Islamic nations too. Xinjiang is oil and mineral rich, and todate, the P. R. China central government has left them alone, but recently the locals are sounding off, and sometimes with bigger booms than just voices. But closer to home, for example, Sichuan Province, the most populous province, is very dissatisfied with the state of the new-rich on the eastern seaboard compared to their low farming incomes. And last year after the SARS outbreak when many of the migrant workers from these two western provinces were trapped in Beijing, there were even more rumplings of discord as the migrant tried to go home and were not allowed, nor were they give any social benefits while out of work in Beijing. Regular Beijing citizens continued to receive their salaries. And it was a party-time for them receiving salaries and not having to work. The disparities are most apparent in materialism. The new-rich have cars, large-new homes and/or condos, children in the best private universities at home or abroad, and the permission to travel outside the country! These are some of the vast number of visible differences that currently exist in this, very, very questionnable Socialistic Society. Another telltale difference I just heard today, namely, that drivers permits cost 000 Yuan, approximately $50 equivalent. This is a poor, developing country and only a minority of the very, very rich can affor this kind of charges. More via email. Dr. G. Guilliams, Clark I. Bibliography by request to email chinaclark@yahoo.com

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