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Big Heros, Small Deeds

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When I think of a hero, the first thing that comes to mind is prince charming. My mind drifts to a fantasy where a strong, handsome man rescues a damsel in distress. In realty, a hero doesn’t have to be wearing a cape or even be handsome. A hero can be anyone, as long as they do something to help others. For example, in Beowulf, he fought the dragon to help others. His act was selfless. He knew he would not get anything from his deed, but he also knew it was the right thing to do. Another good example of this is my grandmother. She is a hero to me. My grandmother has been taking in foster kids for thirty years. She does not have to do it, but she does, because she cares. The characteristics that a hero should posses are generosity, bravery, and compassion.

Generosity is an essential characteristic of a hero. My grandmother is the most giving person I’ve met. She thinks of every one else first in all situations. A true hero should be generous because it’s their nature. They are born with the need to help others. Beowulf possessed this quality. He was willing to give up his life. There is no greater sacrifice.

A hero must be brave; this is a given. Anyone who is a hero undertakes a task that requires him or her to be courageous. For example, when Beowulf was preparing to fight the dragon, he didn’t know what the future held. He even faced the dragon alone, without weapons. Although petrified, he did the honorable thing. My grandmother is similar to Beowulf. She is anxious every time a new child enters her life. Regardless of her fear, she welcomes each individual with open arms and cares for them as if they were her own.

The last, and most important characteristic a hero must posses is compassion. A hero cares for everyone, regardless of size, shape, or color. Beowulf helped people without any knowledge of who they were. This shows true concern for others. He also knew that there would be no compensation for his good deed. This is similar to my grandmother. No one twists her arm behind her back or orders her to reach out to those less fortunate. She cares for foster kids because they need a home, and she has one to share. I only wish there were more heroes like her in this world.

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In our minds, a hero is tall, dark, handsome, and muscular. This hero comes from comic books and fairy tales. Anybody can save a damsel in distress, but a true hero does more. A hero must be generous, brave, and compassionate. He must be willing to help others with love as his only incentive. Firefighters, teachers, and grandmothers can all be heroes because extending a hand to someone in need is the prerequisite of heroism.

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