Saturday, 7 April 2012

College Missions

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Community College Mission

I think a community colleges should offer classes to the masses. Low cost educational offerings, more than on a ‘continuing ed’ level, are useful in society; in fact, I think they are necessary.

That mission is difficut to accomplish because of the mix of students that end up at the cc. Remedial students in advanced classes who really couldn’t handle the work�not the reading (the content or the amount), not the writing assignments, or even keeping up with the discussion at the level. The first time this happened I was a bit shocked and very puzzled at what to do. This was girl I met in her last semester; she couldn’t really read so she asked me to help her but it was hard the reason was because she didn’t understand anything from our class.

So the question I end up with is this Classes for the masses at what cost? Not monetary cost but educational cost. There is a wide range of students in the classes I take and sometimes they ask stupid questions and I wonder how they could have gotten to college. I see my teachers getting really mad and stuff so I wonder who they accept to come here and take classes. I have seen some students who are smart like me too; but I have seen other students who are totally lost in what we are doing and with the assignments we get.

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One other thing�I think C. C.s should offer, along the side of classes for the masses, all kinds of support services and computer equipment, etc. I think they should be funded by taxes of the most rich, should pay their teachers and supportive services really good, and classes should be for free because I can’t afford to buy my books and pay for classes too.

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