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Tragic Love Story

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It was 0 years later that I returned to my hometown. I looked around me. Like myself, the town too, had aged. The trees were taller than before and there were several new buildings, which were definitely not there before I left. However, some things still remain unchanged. Although the Registry of Marriages building was given a new coat of paint, the building still looked grey and drab. Perhaps, it’s only my own perception. To envision it from such a negative and pessimistic point of view was of no surprise to me for looking at that building itself was enough to bring back unpleasant memories.

Vonda and I had been childhood playmates and sweethearts. We grew up together and had everything going on smoothly for us � There were no rivals to fight over with, no culture barrier to bridge and no objections from our parents. Perhaps the best part was that both of us were very much in love with each other. Vonda was as exquisite and as charming as the June lilies blooming in the valley, and it’s just typical of me � the guy next door to fall for such an extraordinary girl like her. When Vonda agreed to marry me after my proposal, I felt like I was the luckiest guy alive for Vonda was as bright as the morning sun and as cheerful as a singing lark and making her my wife, my partner for life would be the best thing that would have ever happen to me. During the times we were together, it felt like we had this connection between us that I know I can never find in any other person. I knew my world would never be the same without her, but it never crossed my mind that I would lose her one day, especially not on the day that I thought she would make me the happiest man alive. When Vonda left me, I just couldn’t place another girl in my heart. She had and will always occupy this special part in my heart. Try as I might to will myself to forget about her and to repress my feelings for her, I just can’t for she had became an integral part in my life.

I could still remember with definite clarity what happened at my wedding day as if it took place yesterday and not 0 years ago. I was there waiting anxiously at the Registry of Marriages building for the arrival of my bride-to-be in my only suit, slicked-back hair and was surrounded by my family members and friends. However, after waiting with much anticipation, I saw only Richard, Vonda’s brother approaching us in his motorcycle with a rather worried look. Strange, I thought to myself. Why’s Richard wearing a T- shirt and where’s my darling? Richard came up to me and he explained to me that for some unknown reason, Vonda refused to come for the ceremony. Without waiting for further explanations, I rushed to my darling’s house on Richard’s motorbike. When I reached her house, I went straight to her room, which was locked and was surrounded by her other family members, who, by all means, were trying their best to persuade her to come out of her room. I knocked on the heavy wooden oak door and called out to her.

“ Go away, Mathieu!” was the cold reply that Vonda gave me upon calling out to her several times in the most desperate voice that I could muster. There I was, standing in a state of shock, wondering whether I had heard her right. “Vonda….please…come out and talk to me…please..” I tried pleading with her but all I got was stone silence from her. I was crestfallen and deeply hurt by the time I heard the heavy oak door slowly creaked open. Head down, I slowly glanced up and saw an deathly pale Vonda standing at the doorway, looking gloomy and dull, holding what seemed like the simple engagement ring that I had given her earlier during the proposal. She still looked stunningly beautiful in T-shirt and jeans despite visible eyebags and a wearied look on her face, the way I would always remember her later.

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“Mathieu, there’s something I have to tell you right now. This engagement…it has to be cancelled…I can’t marry you…” Vonda said in a grave voice, handing me the engagement ring that symbolized my undying love for her. My whole body went into shock and my mind was numb. How could she do this to me???? I asked myself. We were so much in love, and now she was annulling the whole marriage? Coldly, Vonda continued in that emotionless voice of hers. “ You are obviously not good enough for me, Mathieu. I just figured out that you don’t fit in my criteria of a life partner � You are lacking in the financial department, you got no career and definitely no status in the social society! Please! You are not even ambitious! Do u ever think that you could ever satisfy me with that meager salary of yours, country boy? What I really want is someone who is capable of pampering me, someone who has the financial ability to shower me with expensive gifts! Are u able to do that? I don’t think so!”

Vonda, my soulmate… my other half…my companion…Could this possibly be the same girl who I had loved all these times? Still, I held on to the faint glimmer of hope that I had inside myself. I pleaded with her, coaxed her and assured her that I will work very hard to fufill all her needs. But it was to no avail and all my efforts were wasted.

“Look, Mathieu, accept the fact that u would never be able to satisfy my insatiable lust for fame and prosperity. By the way, I have landed a record deal with Sony records and I won’t I won’t let u be an obstacle in my path to success and in becoming a sensational superstar! Now, go away before you make a total mockery out of yourself! We are finished! Get out of my house before I called the cops!” She shouted in my face. Hurt and wounded to the very core, and with watever pride and ego I could muster, I opened my mouth and speak the three words which I never have said b4 to anyone. “ I Hate YOU!” With those words, I fled from her house and that night, I decided to leave the town and never to come back again.

Yet, here I was, 0 years later at the age of 40 with graying hairs. I was still bitter but at least, I had learnt to stop hating her and the world. Relishing those memories still hurt, but I had learned to cope with them. When I left, I resolute not to maintain any contact with them. All these times, I have absolutely no news about them. I wondered whether her family or mine were still living here. I would be finding out soon. Picking up my suitcase, I started walking briskly back to my house.

Upon reaching the threshold of my house, I stopped and stared. Green Gables, my home was still the same and there was my mother, old and bent and was hanging out the laundry to dry. She saw me, gave a strangled gasp and came running straight into my arms , yelling, “ Mathieu! Mathieu! U have finally came back to us!” There was much hugging, kissing and crying as each of my family members came out to welcome me back home. Amidst all the patting and attention that I was getting, I felt a pat on my shoulder; turned around and came face to face with Richard.

“She died, Mathieu! She died!” he blurted out.

“Who died?!” I shouted, grabbing him by the shoulders.

“Vonda died of cancer a month after ur departure!” Richard answered in obvious agony.

That was when the realization of the truth sank in. I recalled that a week before the wedding, Vonda had complained of this gnawing pain in her stomach and had gone for a doctor for checkups. It was then that the real motives of Vonda’s charade dawned upon me. She had lied to me, made up stories and hurt me in order to break my heart so that I will be able to forget her and find someone to replace her. Oh, how agonizing it must have been for her to say those words to me! “Stupid girl!” I cried. “ Didn’t she know that I would have gladly marry her even if we could be husband and wife only for a day?” I felt like dropping to the ground and die too.

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