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Robert Frost-Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

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Robert Frost’s poem Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening is about a man who is riding through the woods on horseback. Snow starts falling and the man is caught up in the beauty of the scene. He then ponders staying put and enjoying the view for a while. Just as it seems he is convinced to stay the horse puts up a fight, awakening him from his dreamlike trance. He then decides to keep riding, and the story concludes. The overall theme in this poem is temptation.

There are forces present tempting the rider to abandon all responsibility to everyone and everything at his final destination. However, with a little help he holds strong and cannot be strayed from his path. There are two main characters in this poem, the rider and the horse. There is also an outside force that is represented by the woods.

The setting of the poem is on the edge of the woods nearby a frozen lake. There is a peaceful and enchanting snowfall and the sky is very dark. Imagery is used many times in this poem .The strongest example of imagery in this poem is when Robert Frost explains the setting of the story he uses the words Between the woods and the frozen lake, the darkest night of the year leaving you feeling that he is sitting on a horse watching the snow fall and debating on whether or not to leave.

Robert Frost starts off by using the woods to represent an object of strong desire, a woman. The act of cheating on ones spouse is represented by the rider remaining in the woods to watch the snow. The horse is used to represent the mans conscience. It is the horse that convinces the rider to give up his foolish passion and get back to his journey.

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The horse represents the part of man that thinks with logic and probability. The snow is an addition to an already attractive thing. Just as a man who is attracted to another woman would be almost completely disarmed if she flirted strongly with him, the snow falling disarms the man, who is obviously a strong lover of nature. The man conscience, which is represented by the horse, finally convinces him to go home to be with a woman of his own.


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