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I’ll probably relate a lot of issues dealing with leadership toward team events. During my first year of Varsity soccer in high school I had some awesome upperclassmen leading my way. I was just a freshman; 1 or 14 years “young”. I was playing soccer with girls who were up to four years older than me. I can remember one senior who was a great leader; Noonan. Noonan was the best player on the team, I think she knew it but she never seemed like she did. She would take the time to show the younger players how to do better; improving on skills and drills and helping with stretches. I can remember so many times when I would think to myself “I want to be somebody’s Noonan someday…” I feel that I learned a lot from her because she was such a great role model.

Once again, soccer related… Some of the upperclassmen on the current soccer team aren’t being the greatest leaders. I don’t feel that they are leading me in the most positive direction possible. Some of the things they do or talk about make me feel like an outcast. That is something that shouldn’t happen when anyone is part of a team. For example; there is constantly talk about partying and getting “wasted” during the soccer season. I know that it is against the contract to drink and the majority of the girls on the soccer team are under 1. Freshman Initiation is supposed to be a night full of fun and a lot of bonding. I know that they will try their hardest to get us drunk. I chose not to go and I am afraid that they will be upset with my decision. I’m in college now, I think I have every right to make my own decision. I know that when it is my turn to be the upperclassman I will try to lead the younger girls in the right direction.

I think Leadership means the ability to give a positive direction to others. A leader is someone who makes other people feel comfortable. Kasey Noonan was an excellent example of a leader because I felt comfortable around her, I could ask her for help or go to her with any problems. The opposite however, (I shouldn’t name any real names), Jane Doe tries to force decisions upon her teammates. This situation can get awkward for me. Jane thinks it is okay to be the boss and we will automatically follow in her footsteps. What puzzles me about leadership is how to become a good leader. I am a quiet person; people constantly remind me. Some times I get too nervous to speak up though.

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