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Reflections for a final performance

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My dearest Prep Players,

Opening night! Have that anxious, excited feeling in the pit of your stomach yet? Well I first want to commend you on all your hard work and determination for it is quite a feat putting together a show. Over the past few months working together I’m sure you’ve had the opportunity to discover much about one another as well as yourselves and your own capabilities. What a wonderful accomplishment. Looking back, I feel as if I were just sitting where you are tonight, only moments ago. I thought back to my time as a prep player and wanted to share a little of what I learned from my days on the Iona stage.

I learned that friends aren’t the ones who you can talk to, but those who will listen, there is a difference. I learned that patience is the strongest virtue. I learned that a laugh can make the world a brighter place and that when given a chance, we may find with in ourselves talents we never knew existed. I learned how much other people can effect our lives or stay with us even after they are gone and how things are not always what they appear to be. I learned boys cry and that living in a suburb and attending catholic school does not shield us from many of the world’s harsh realities. I learned that love brings stars to our eyes and yes, to love another is to see the face of God. I learned life isn’t a movie and we can’t cut and edit the bad takes, no matter how hard we try. We’re off book, but God is cueing lines if we should call. I learned to tell people how you really feel and also, its okay to escape from you own self for a few hours on stage, but you always have to go back to playing yourself. You can’t ever run away, you have to face whatever happens, head on. I learned that one single person can change a life, and finally that it’s not about grades, degrees, paychecks, trophies, parts or solos. It’s about people and whom we love and truly care about and yes, who we are happy being with.

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Stephen Sondheim was right, “That’s what it’s all about it, that’s what it’s really about. Company” And both the characters in the shows we have done or the real characters I have met have instilled these lessons in my heart.

I will never forget watching an autumn sunset through the window of the caf. I will never forget any of the faces I have met. I will ever forget the smell of the Iona gymnasium. (saw dust and permanent marker) I will never forget what the world looks like from that stage, and I will never forget the nights we sat together in chapel, reflecting.

Cherish these days and enjoy every single moment on that stage tonight. You are all extremely talented oh and Duval be bigger. This is your turn to show the world. My freshman year, a dear friend of mine Alyssa Manning, then a junior, told a story about how when she was freshman, a junior named Virginia commented on how she couldn’t believe how quickly time had passed, Alyssa said as a freshman she thought, “that will never be me, a junior” and yet there she was. Hearing Alyssa tell that story, I thought the same thing, I was so young, but before I knew it, I was the junior, telling that same story. More so, your high school days are like no others, Billy Joel said it best, “these are the times to remember, cause they will not last forever”.

I am very proud of you all and wish you all the best in your performances tonight as well as all your future endeavors. You are all wonderful and beautiful and special in your own way. May the grace of God and the memories of your times here always follow you.

Oh and remember, say goodnight, not goodbye.

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