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"To Be Or Not To Be" by:Vonda DeGree

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In todays world, there are a lot of people on welfare.Many people have fallen into the cracks and are having a hard time surving. For the most part its the single mothers -who have droped out of school and need money and food for their children.

In Andrea J. Fines article entitled Dropping Back In, talks about a young womans dramatic rise from dependence on welfare to economic independence. She goes on to say how the young woman was and how it took some one to see the good pottential inside of her, soming she was unaware of at the time. After realizing the possibility of going back to school, the young woman was then exhilarated on how her life would become self-sufficient.Upon reading this article, I agree that a viable education would help people sustain new lives.

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Unfortunately, In our world today we have teenage unwed mothers and the reality is that they and their children must be provided for. With help with child care and education, these single parents should be encouraged so they can carve out a life for themselves and their kids.

Getting a good education should be important in ones life. welfare can not and will not give anyone a stsble life. i beleive that college is not for everyone but it is good to find a meaningful skilled trade.getting an education will give a stable life for single or married pepole.

The real object of education is to give one resources that will endure as long as life endures; habits that will not destroy; occupation that will render sickness tolerable, solitude pleasant, age venerable, life more dignified and useful, and death less terrible.

In retrospect, education is the knowledge of how to use the whole of oneself. Welfare is not designed to stay on all of ones life. Its to help you if youve fallen through the cracks of americas economy. Welfare is disabling and unmotivating people to become lazy. It has become a way of life;these people should learn to aquire the skills and the jobs necessary for their own independence.

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