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timber joining

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Timber Joining

Report Summary

The joining of timber can be carried out using a copious amount of techniques that can be changed or differed to suit the specific requirements of various types of jobs.

Research Findings

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In the industry of timber joining, the types of joining are countless to the major extent that only few different methods can be able to be discussed. Among these methods will include the more traditional methods used in timber joining, the more modern and more common methods, and some common machining methods. Some of the more traditional methods are such joining types as saddle joints, and mortice and tenon joints. A lot more modern and more common joining methods are basic dowel joints, rebate and butt joints, and housing joints. Modern machining methods of joining include the biscuit joints.


From these several different types of joining methods they can be used in different ways and can be slightly modified to enhance the final finish. The saddle joint is a simple joint and it is done by making matching, opposing notches in two pieces so they can be joined at a ninety-degree angle. This type of joint would be fairly difficult to apply to my design but with modifications could be used to help. This could be done by making two box shaped pins off the bottom of the top part and then cutting out slots in the base to accommodate for these box shaped pins.

A dowel joint is a classic example of a very quick and simple joint to assemble. This joint is where short bits of dowel are put into the top part of the job and holes are made in the base to house these bits of dowel. This design fully suits the field that my design needs, as the top part of my design is perfect for the dowel inserts and holes for these bits of dowel can easily be made in the base. Although with this joint it is quick ad easy to make, a bad result can occur as if the two edges that the two edges touching each other aren’t completely straight or even, very bad looking gaps at the edges can occur.

More types of joints.

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