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If you are one of the few who have not seen Aladdin, it is Disneys latest entry into the video market. Released theatrically in late 1, theatres were flooded with patrons wanting to see the latest Disney classic, and now it seems the videocassette release will be nothing short of a spectacular success.

Aladdin is a very entertaining film, but it makes a significant departure from previous Disney animation offerings, as the script has elements intended to buy more adult viewers into the theatres and video stores.

Robin Williams, in a role that is basically a cleaned up version of his usual comedy act, plays an excitable genie in the film. The genie has the power of animation, in that he can become anything or anyone, in any number. As he transforms from Ed Sullivan to Groucho Marx, the elastic character gives Williams prime opportunity to deliver some very funny lines, most of them appealing to the parents.

Children will love the music and the characters, but Aladdin does suffer from a tendency to be casual about serious crimes. In a Robin Hood style of thievery, Aladdin steals from food vendors, and never seems to suffer consequences for his actions. As he becomes more enthraled with the princess, and wants to marry her, he never thinks about how he can repay those he stole from, or how he can improve the situation in his country. It wouldnt have taken much time in the script to include these redeeming items.

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Although Disney dubs each new theatrical release a classic, Aladdin, like most of the latest Disney developments, comes short of this classification in a true sense. I still feel a greater priority being put on the box office than on the quality of the production, especially the writing. If you did see the movie in the theatre, it is worth renting again -- so you can catch the many lines you probably missed the first time.

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