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Money, Relationships, and Jerry Maguire

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You may still feel smitten whenever you hear that “You-Had-Me-At-Hello” one liner from the endearing Dorothy that has made Jerry Maguire an instant romantic flick, but there is definitely more to that ‘make-you-shiver-in-a-good-way’ feeling. This is one movie every manager or any member of the corporate world can direct their lives on. Just the setting talks of it already� Jerry Maguire is a top sports agent in a big management company making money for and out of super athletes from team owners and advertising companies. As we all know, Athletics can be a very big business. Talk about an NBA player’s possible six digits every game, you would really need such babbling personality and motivating ability to let this superhero trust practically his future on you in as much as he would actually need one to help him manage such ‘bullions’. In a give and take, money driven setting like this, one may feel the steer to really work hard� shake hands and rub elbows with every prospective person that may add to his connections. The more people greeting him along the corridors of the building, the better. Even if there are murmurs behind his back, he just could care less. Remember Taylor’s theory on how money can be the only motivating factor? Man’s wish for fame and fortune can really make someone ‘ill-tentionally’ friendly and to some extent superficial, sacrificing true friendships. As Rod in the movie puts it, “It’s not all about love, just show me the money!“ You may have guessed that’s how surviving in the corporate world is nowadays, gluing your lips in a ready smile to everyone where in fact you would have wished those teeth of yours flashing were of real gold you can pawn.

But one’s success is not all about money. The fact that in the story Jerry still finds himself in a desolate manner despite his admitted friendly (but less intimate) disposition is enough proof. Conscience finally bugs him, realizing what’s missing in his soul, and pours it all out finally in a book. “Fewer clients, less money” goes his campaign title condemning corporate greed. But in a business climate where materialism dominates, you can expect those raising brows of the management on you. Businesses exist to profit and from it that these businesses survive. And as people abusive of such power in their positions, they close themselves now to the ideas and views of their subordinates, which shouldn’t be the case. So off Jerry goes with his new life anyway, starting off from scratch with his sole loyal talent Rod after being slapped down by his boss and archrival in the movie. Bob snatched all his talents leaving him bankrupt with people to manage. This is another sad truth prevalent in the corporate arena� crab mentality. People can’t just be happy for the success of others, pulling them down to have the limelight instead. They care only for themselves and what may benefit them alone. They don’t concern themselves with what they can contribute to the organization as a whole. An organization is about its members, members who have a sense of commitment to the group. But I guess as long as the lure of money swallows them up, one won’t have time to even think of others.

But what’s relieving about this movie is the kind of redemption it gives us. That there are still people like Jerry Maguire who are able to find one’s heart in what may appear to be such a ruthless environment of money, power, and fame. It gives me hope seeing such brave people like him going against the current wrong standards of a business to making our lives at least a little better.

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