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what is your opinion of the death penalty? Totally against. Lock them in a jail cell and let them rot for the rest of their lives. I dont care how horrible the crime was, even if they deserve it, we have no right to dictate who has the right to live.

-what is your opinion on abortion? are you pro-life or pro-choice? Totally against abortion. Even in the case of rape. No matter what the situation, its still murder. And DONT give me that there are too many children in orphanages bullshit, because in first-world countries there are WAITING LISTS for newborns. Its only the older kids that have problems getting adopted, and children dont pop out of the womb at age 6. I understand how women say Its my body, I can do what I want with it, and theyd be absolutely 100% right if it was ONLY their body involved. But its not just the womans body, theres another living human being involved as well. Killing it is murder. If you dont want it, put it up for adoption, or you should be on the pill for christs sake. You know what I think? If all the women whove had an abortion could somehow meet the child they killed... like if there was some way for them to meet their child as he or she would be at 5, 10, or 15 years old. If they could meet the child they killed and talk to them and get to know it, % of the women would change their mind and wish to god they hadnt had the abortion. They only abort the child because theyre thinking of themselves and their situations, and they dont see the fetus as a human being. They see it as exactly that - an IT, instead of the human being it really is, and will become, with feelings and emotions. So yeah. [/end rant]

-how do you feel about the legalization of drugs? Make it all legal. This is something that only affects the person concerned, and the government should not be allowed to dictate what we do to our own bodies. But when people are high, they do stupid things, and kill people. Yeah, well, drunk drivers kill a hell of a lot more people then potheads do, and last time I checked, alcohol was legal.

-how do you feel about censorship? When is it okay and when isnt it? I hate censorship, I really do. I know sometimes it is necessary, but not to the extent its usually taken to. I hate it, and its usually just people infringing on freedom of speech because they personally dont like something. Im a strong believer in the theory that if you dont like something, dont watch/listen.

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-what is your opinion on pre-marital sex? I am not a member of the religious reich.

-How do you feel about cloning? Do you think it’s a good or a bad idea? We are going to FUCK OURSELVES UP. We really are. As soon as we start cloning people, were gonna with we hadnt. thats all I have to say about that. but cloning organs, etc. is good because it reduces waiting lists for transplants and saves lives.

-What is your opinion on stem-cell research? Just not on embryos. There are other ways to do it, leave the fucking embryos out of it.

-How concerned were you about YK back when it was a serious issue to many people? I thought it was a bunch of media hype, and I was right.

-Do you identify more strongly as a pacifist or as an “eye for an eye” person? Total pacifist. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind ~Gandhi

-Do you feel that Bush is a good president? TOTAL.FUCKING.MORON.

-Do you feel Tony Blair is a good prime minister? I wouldnt know, but hes all George Bush is my friend! so Im not too big on him right now.

-If you’re American, did you vote in the last presidential election? Who did you vote for? 1. Im not an American citizen; . Im not 18; . It was a lose-lose situation, but I wouldve picked Gore... at least hes a Democrat.

-Do you think that Martha Stewart should go to prison for her involvement in insider trading? Why should I care any more about her than I would any other inside trader? I hope they all get their come-uppance.

-What is your opinion of Howard Stern? How often do you listen to his radio show, if at all? Hes living the dream of SO many men in the world, its not even funny. Hes living his dream, exploiting sluts, and making a living off it. More power to him. And I watch the show on E! if theres someone I know on it, like I watched when Jim Carrey was on.

-Are you democrat/labour/liberal OR republican/tory/conservative? Hahaha... tory. Ahem. Liberal.

-Are you a feminist? Not a militant, bra-burning feminist. I actually believe in EQUALITY of the sexes, and as we clearly have yet to achieve that in our society, Im pushing for it, and thus I am labelled a feminist.

-How do you feel about Homosexuality? Are you homophobic, gung-ho gay rights or somewhere in between? Dude, whatever floats your boat. Marching in a gay rights parade isnt high up on my list of things to do, mainly because I have other causes I can relate to personally and follow more closely, but Im always ready to defend the homosexual population against any close-minded homophobe I may come across.

-Do you believe homosexuals should be able to get legally married and receive the same benefits as heterosexual married couples receive? Absolutely. The only reason theyre not allowed is because America is still obviously showing its puritanical roots. All the laws that prohibit same sex marriages were founded by the religious reich, and seeing as America claims to be open to all religions and cultures, the government is being hypocritical and discriminatory by enforcing those laws.

-Do you look down on foreigners? (Are you a Xenophobe)? Im all for diversity, unless they enter the country illegally, in which case they can ship their asses back where they damn well came from. There are laws and they should be followed, theyre there for a reason. By all means, move around, just do it legally. But yeah, legal immigrants are good, diversity is good.

Your Spirituality

-Do you believe in God? I dont know. There probably is one of some sort. But maybe I only think that because I cant get my head around the fact that this universe just is. I dont know, no one does, and it drives me nuts.

-Are you religious? What religion/faith are you? Im not.

-Are you a spiritual person? to a certain extent.

-What is your opinion of Christianity? The bible has some good points and good stories and parables and such, but it was written by people, and people are biased and people make mistakes. Not to mention its been translated to many times and rewritten so many times... but yeah. Lets leave it at that.

-What is your opinion of “cult” faiths (Mormons, Scientologists, Hare Krishnas, Moonies, Jahova’s Witnesses, etc.)? Brainwashed nutcases. And you spelled Jehovah wrong. Sorry, my mother is one, I would know.

-What is your opinion of Moslem? Dude...its usually Muslim, but whatever. And anyway, thats what the people are called. People are Muslim or Islamic, the religion itself is called Islam. And its sexist. Incredibly so.

-What is your opinion of Judaism? Eight days of presents has got to be better than one.

-What is your opinion of Hindu/Jainism? yay, blue skinned gods with 8 arms. honestly, I laugh. I shouldnt, but I do. Im sorry.

-What is your opinion of Buddhism? makes a hell of a lot more sense than most faiths out there. but I am NOT giving away all my material possessions, so BITE ME.

-What is your opinion of Atheism? people who prefer to rely on facts rather than blind faith... très intelligent.

-Do you support the idea of converting others to one’s faith? NO. Mind your own damn business and stop trying to force your opinions on other people. Its not right.

-Do you believe in Heaven and Hell? Do you believe in any sort of afterlife? I dont know. so I guess I dont believe in anything, I just dont know.

-Do you believe in angels and guardian angels? not guardian angels, no. as for conventional angels, again, I dont know.

-Do you believe in Satan or some other sort of devil? ok, were back to the I dont know thing here.

-Do you believe in demons? Do you believe that Demons can take over a person’s body? if I dont know about angels, then I dont know about demons either. but all the exorcism crap - bullshit.

-Do you believe in Rapture (that God occasionally selects certain individuals to enter heaven without dying and that when this happens the person just disappears)? no.

-Do you believe in the Bible? Do you take it at face-value or do you believe it’s all symbolic? I already mentioned this... its symbolic, you cant take it literally, and besides, it can be interpreted in so many ways.

-Do you believe that when you take the sacrament that it literally turns into the blood and body of Jesus Christ? (there is a technical term for this, but it currently escapes me) No, & if you think so youre a fucking idiot. (haha, i didnt write that answer, i just left it there because i completely agreed, and it made me laugh like hell ^.^)

-Do you believe in Creationism, Darwinism or another theory? Darwinism isnt a theory, its proven... survival of the fittest happens everywhere, theres no denying it. Thats the way the world works. But if it happened over millions of years, species evolving into one another, I dont know. I dont know, and no matter what scientists or historians say, we never will KNOW. We can only hypothesize. And as I said earlier, it drives me nuts.

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