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Film Review

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Film Review

How Geography Affects the Way We Live

Our surroundings have profound influence on the way we live our lives. In fact, many Americans consider the geography of a location when deciding if they want to live there. Vacations are often planned around landscapes that people want to see. The environment around us, many times, can determine our happiness and contentment with our living situation. The three titles I chose to review are very different but are also closely interrelated in themes. These stories take places in very different locations and periods of time but all deal with people being subject to new environments. The protagonists in each of these films learn valuable lessons about life and about themselves through dealing with their new surroundings.

People are very vulnerable and, in a way, defenseless when they are encountering new geography. The unfamiliarity of new places and experiences can be overwhelming. People must make connections with the people that inhabit the land, and also with the land itself to become comfortable in the area. The characters in the films I am reviewing had mistaken expectations about the peoples they would soon encounter. Actually, it came to surprise them how different the people were compared to the stereotypes they heard and believed.

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The geography of the environment around us can have an affect on every decision we make. This affect is greatly amplified when the geography is new to us. Whether people are dealing with simply trying to survive or enjoy themselves, their ignorance about the ambiance plagues the back of their mind and, thus, affects all of their decisions.

The three films I chose to review are Black Robe, Dances With Wolves, and The Prince of Tides. As previously mentioned, they are very diverse, but can be reviewed respectively, by their common themes. We can learn much about ourselves by observing and analyzing these films. These films inspire the viewer to embark on a journey of their own by the outcome of the characters. They establish relationships and grow so much, individually, by encountering new peoples and landscapes.

Black Robe takes place in the 17th century and stars Lothaire Bluteau, as the French Catholic Jesuit Priest Father LaForgue. He and a young French man Daniel (Aden Young) travel with Algonquin aboriginals through the beautiful Eastern Canada. They’re desired location is to the Huron mission fifteen hundred miles by canoe from where the started. The missionaries endure much with the ‘savages’ before they end up leading the people into the hands of their enemy. The journey is truly a test of faith for the Priests as they intend to convert the Algonquin peoples and eventually the Huron’s. The biggest struggles aren’t that of dealing and escaping from the Iroquois enemies as much as that of enduring the wilderness. Many of the main themes in this movie are that of invading cultures.

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