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timothy johns sucks his own penis A) Outline the range of work performed by bioengineers. Compile a list and outline specific areas of application.

Bioengineers perform the following tasks

design new medical monitoring, diagnostic and therapeutic equipment

specify, set up and maintain biomedical instruments

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specify equipment needed for specific tasks and purposes

evaluate the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of equipment used in medical applications

analyse new potential medical procedures to foresee future outcaomes and to ensure the safeness of them

take part in medical or scientific procedures where the expertise of bioengineers may prove to be an advantage in the situation

create, design and produce new technologies for the assistance of people with disabilities. Areas may include designing new systems to assist people with hearing diabilities such as a cochlear implant.

analyse and design prosthetic and orthotic devices

measure and monitor physiological systems

design and develop equipment for the medical imaging to display anatomical detail or physiological function.

B) Identify and detail one example of a cultural belief, lifestyle or practise that has influenced the work of bioengineers.

A particular area that has influenced the work that bioengineers perform is amputee athletes. Nowadays people are not really considered disabled if they have a missing arm or leg. Most people enjoy playing sports and it is important for people if they have suffered the loss of a limb that they may be able to continue their choice of sport with ease. Not only is sport among disabled popular but it has even reached a very highly competitive level. With the introduction of the Paralympics competition is just as fierce as in the Olympics. While designing new prosthetic limbe for amputees who chose to participate in sports such as running and swimming a great deal of consideration needs to bne taken. Bioengineers need to research materials that will be the correct weight for the athlete to be able to perform at their peak without being held back by a heavy prosthetic arm or leg. Materials that may be used in place of metals while considering strength to weight ratios are materials such as carbon firbe or even fibre glass. These materials are very light weight yet have a great deal of strength. The elasticity of the prosthetic needs to be considered as well to compensate for the motion of a fully functioning leg. The design of prosthetics for athletes is suited specially to that person. It should be a collaboration of the persons weight height and individual details so that the athlete may basically be able to compete exactly like those that are without loss of a leg or arm.

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