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John Proctors Many Faces

In The Crucible, Arthur MIller uses the character of John Proctor to prove

that no man can simply dismiss a crucial crisis in his society, living his own private life

while ignoring the events transpiring around him. The story of The Crucible gives one of

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the strongest conflicts between good vs. bad, where the innocent are accused of wrong

doings and those of low honesty are able to live their lives free. The Crucible takes place

in Salem, Massachusetts where religion and false accusations are popular. When a

group of young power hungry women sparked ideas of evil and witchery in the town.

This results in the citizens of the town pointing fingers at those who appear having

contacts the devil, which produced virtuous people hanged. Throughout The Crucible

John Proctor goes through many phases of ignoring the events around him, change of

conviction, and showing integrity.

John Proctor, showing the neglect about the events transpiring around him is first

witnessed when he expresses some of his true feeling towards his wife at their home.

Two quotes that best represents John Proctor ignoring the events around him are Why?

I have no business in Salem(850). After these words Proctor later goes on to say You

will not judge me more, Elizabeth ... I have forgot Abigail(85). These two quotes best

demonstrates Proctors willingness to not be embodied in the conflicts around him.

When his wife asks him about Abigail, John Proctor becomes defensive in denying of

having and intimate relationship with Abigail. Considering that John Proctor denies of

having a relationship when he really did, is one more incentive for John Proctor to not

return to Salem and getting involved with the accusations of witchcraft .

Later in the play an event takes place where Mary Warren comes back from

Salem to deliver a message to Elizabeth that causes John Proctor to change his

conviction. Marry Warrens message was, that Abigail has accused Elizabeth of

witchery, by Elizabeth having a poppet useing to stab Abigail with a needle. John Proctor

becomes infurious and delivers a powerful message to Cheever who has come with a

warrant for Elizabeth Vengeance is walking in Salem, but now the little crazy children

are jangling the keys of kingdom...(860). Surely enough, Elizabeth agrees to be taken

away with Cheever and John Proctor tells her I will bring you home, I will bring you

soon(861). After Cheever takes Elizabeth away, John Proctor turns to Mary Warren and

says You will tell the court how that poppet come here and who stuck the needle

in(861). Now in The Crucible, John Proctor is involved with the witch trials and has

changed his conviction, because the events around him has attacked his personal life.

The truest test of John Proctors bravery exists at the end of the trial. Proctor is

asked to sign a document confessing his dealing with the devil, but he refuses to sign

after confessing. John Proctor gives a statement where only the true men with

integrity and honesty say Because it is my name! ... Because I am not worth the dust

on the feet of them that hang! ... I have give you my soul; leave my name!(886). John

Proctor ripped the document and says good bye to Elizabeth for the last time and says

to Elizabeth Give them no tear! Tears Pleasure them! Show honor now, show a stony

heart and sink them with it!(886). John Proctor is a man of great pride, who gave his life

for it and for his fellowman.

Throughout The Crucible John Proctor goes through many phases where at first

he was ignoring the events around him, then changes to a different man when the events

around him have attacked his personal life. At the end, John Proctor wins the respect

and dignity from all the citizens of Salem, to give up his own life so his name will not be

put in vain. After his death, the citizens of Salem now think of John Proctor as a hero

who faced adversity and came out on top.

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