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is peer pressure becoming a problem in todays society?

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Peer pressure back my day was far more consequential than it is in today’s society.

Teens these days need to learn to toughen up! Back in the days of the old 164-chev Impala, ooh those babies were gold! With their chrome finishing’s, bench seats, hydraulics if you had the money, cause back in my day money was hard to come by, I can remember one time I did a whole week working on a farm with a young lad called Fredrick Plaskie, and all I got was a lousy 6 pence, to buy a new pair of shoes with no soles, but they did the job, no more of that walking through the cow poop on the way to school. I tell you now, for nothing I might add, you youngins have it easy these days, your parents will happily give you money so you have the coolest clothes, so that no snotty nose kids will tell you that your clothes aren’t “hip” or “down wit it.” Anyway where was I? Oh that’s right we took peer pressures like a whip on the bum from the cane.

Everyday we would get a cane whopping, and boy I can tell you now I left a sore spot for days on end. With today’s teens, they get a few sissy names flung their way; they will sob and complain to the brothers and sisters as the local slang slings it.

I remember back in the old school yard once, young Billy Mc Cormik was getting hassled about his ginormous teeth. Now he was getting names flung at him from all directions. Now he didn’t go and cry to his “peeps” he took it like a man, not like you young teens these days, go off and cry to yo mammas complaining about your teeth and how you want those train tracks shoved them, when who really sees your teeth anyway?

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Well now, back in my day, if we were getting a bit off the tracks, my pappy would just smack some sense into us. But now days with all this “politically correct” business someone might call the cops on ya and charge you for child abuse when really its good healthy discipline.

So in today’s society, heres a tip to help your kid overcome peer pressure without getting the authorities involved. If they start to wear “hip” and “cool” clothes that make your 1 year old daughter look like a “working girl”, then remove all the clothes from her wardrobe and get her grandmother to take her shopping. That’s if she’s got a grandmother, my grand daughter doesn’t have one cause apparently I smell weird and she couldn’t stand it so she left me, but that’s a whole different story altogether.

One of the many problems in today’s society is that you youngins have to much time on your hands. You sit around all day watching the informetials for fancy clothes and the latest gear, whereas back in my day we didn’t have time to worry about what we were wearing or what our friends were wearing, we were lucky to have more than 1 shirt! In my house it was “first up, best dressed,” and I can tell you now that wasn’t me. All I ended up with was my shoes with no souls that I bought and a lousy pair of overalls, which hardly covered my overall body, but it covered the privates so that’s all that mattered. Then it was off at day break to do a hard days work, if you weren’t still in school, none of this congregating at the mall with your friends. You youngsters need to forget about the “me, me, me”, and what your friends think about you and get out and do something for somebody else once in a while.

And what about job opportunities, today you teens are all allowed to attend school till 7th form, whereas back when I was 1 it was expected that we would leave school and take over the family farm. My friends all thought that I was a sissy wanting to stay at school and further my education, they called me names like teachers pet, school lover and even book worm. These days all you youngsters stay in school and don’t get called names, you enjoy it, and if you don’t theres got to be something whack about the system today. Anyway the pressure was on to learn the ropes and take over from my father � a job I hated!

So in conclusion you youngins, teens, homies, what ever your called these days, need to appreciate what you have, your shoes with souls, the clothes on your back, and your schooling. You need to toughen up! Peer pressure in today’s society is a load of rubbish, if you think you’ve got it bad, spear a thought for me, I’ve just slipped another disk and broke a hip. So im off to the doctor where he’s probably guna pressure me into taking some new age drugs that wont solve a thing, whereas back in my day a good old shot of cod liver oil worked wonders.

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