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Classroom Assesments and Research

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Classroom Research and Assessment

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What follows is an introduction to a proposed research investigation. Read the narrative with a jewelers eye and respond to the questions below

Cite and amplify upon five (5) major flaws in this narrative.

State and amplify upon four (4) major ways this narrative could be significantly improved. Such improvements must be distinct from the flaws cited above.

Teachers have been found to be biased in favor of physically attractive children. Clifford and Walster (17) examined the effects of childrens physical attractiveness upon teacher expectations. Teachers were asked to evaluate students intellectual potential from a report card and a verbal description of the childs accomplishments accompanied by a photo of either an attractive or unattractive child. For both male and female children, the teachers gave a more positive evaluation to the attractive child, even though the information about the children was identical. However, no study appears to have examined the obverse situation the effects of a teachers attractiveness on the students evaluation of the teacher. Moreover, no study appears to have examined the effects of attractiveness on students academic performance. It was hypothesized that physical attractiveness would strongly affect students evaluation of the teacher in that the more attractive the teacher, the more positively would the students rate the teacher. It is also possible that expectancies based on a teachers physical attractiveness may influence a students academic performance. Students may learn more from an attractive teacher in that they may like the teacher better, study harder, be more attentive, and wish to please more. On the other hand, a physically attractive teacher may be somewhat of a distraction in class in that the students may be less likely to attend to the content of the lesson than to such interesting but irrelevant details for learning as the teachers style, smiling behavior, and general appearance. The task of the present study was to test these notions.

A. Cite and amplify upon five major flaws in this narrative

After reading and responding to the proposed investigation on physical attractiveness and teacher expectations, I immediately thought of the Halo Effect, which leads me to the first major flaw of the research. The Halo Effect states that one positive trait is assumed to have other positive traits. In other words, good things go together (Ex physical attractiveness and being smart). The Halo Effect simply makes the assumption of, what is beautiful is good. Therefore, according to this, there is a correlation between physical attractiveness and a large number of characteristics. Physically attractive people are seen as smarter, happier, stronger, kinder, and more sensitive than less attractive people.

In my opinion this entire article show a stereotype of how impressions are formed based on looks. We form impressions of other people through a wide variety of processes, especially categorization. This allows us to go beyond the info given and predict how a person is likely to behave in the future, which can lead to bias beliefs, such as attractiveness. This study could help bring to light the misconceptions about attractiveness and break the myth about the relationship between attractiveness and intelligence on academic performances.

As a parent and teacher, I believe that students should not be assessed or evaluated based on their appearances, but solely on their academic performances. According to the research, the more attractive students are perceived as better students. As Americans, we socialize and associate certain physical traits with intelligence. I have heard several people say that attractive women were seen as less intelligent. To me, this brings very disturbing information about how American men and women form opinions about intelligence based on physical attractiveness.

How can a student possibly remain attentive and learn more, if he or she is physically attracted to the teacher? This could have a positive, as well as, negative affect on a student. I will discuss the negative. The child will daydream, not pay attention and lose focus of what is being taught. Rather than have an interest in the subject being taught, he or she will become obsessed with the teacher, learning nothing at all. It is not that the student can not learn or that the teacher isn’t teaching, but the student’s infatuation with the instructor hinders his or her academic performance.

This narrative shows biased perceptions, which questions the validity and reliability of the research. As an “expert researcher”, I was unable to satisfactorily formulate or draw conclusions from what I read. In this sense, questions of validity came to mind. Validity is the degree to which a study reflects or accesses a specific concept being measures. The concept being measured in this research is beauty or physical attractiveness. Regardless of the strong/positive correlations between beauty/physical attraction and a student’s academic performance these factors can not be measured.

State and amplify upon four major ways this narrative could be significantly improved. Such improvements must be distinct from the flaws cited above.

I believe that this study could be strengthened by demonstrating how our perceptions of attractiveness are harmful social misconceptions. The researchers and teachers did not take any ethical/legal considerations in to mind when conducting this research or formulating their opinions. This stereotype could damage a child’s self-esteem, intelligence, success and socialibility. Furthermore, bringing an issue into social awareness is the first step, I believe, in correcting this problem. I think that there is a general knowledge in our society about how attractiveness affects everyone’s perceptions of achievement and intelligence, but until it is brought forward as a societal issue, the problem will not be addressed and change will not take place.

The study recognized gender, but not race and culture. My main problem with this study is that it failed to bring in this factor. I know that African Americans have a different model of attractiveness than do Asians and so forth. My hypothesis is that the study, if race and culture were factored in, would most likely show similar results, but the individual group’s perceptions of attractiveness would differ. Perhaps, a similar study of new random photos of persons from different ethnic origins could be used in conjunction with a more representative scale of the population of America. In my opinion, a study on attractiveness and perceptions of achievement and intelligence should be examined using a broader based experiment group than just school-aged (K-1) students of roughly the same age.

This research should include more content-related evidence and open suggestions for future research. The research did not convey findings of the obverse situation of other studies on attraction, further research in this area could include interviewing individuals independently about their views. Another could be to randomly select individuals and have them to take some type of I.Q. test.

This study was limited to school-ages students, and could be significantly different if it were widened by a range of ages, as well as, population. Further studies need to be done to see if a significant difference can be found between similarities of intelligence and attraction.

In conclusion, it is true that beauty may indeed be in the eye of the beholder,

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