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There are numerous factors to take into account when allocating rewards of any type to subordinates. A manager’s personal assessment is perhaps the most important because, after all, they have the final say. There are obstacles that can cloud that judgement such as an employee sucking up, or perhaps performing well only in the presence of a manager.

That is why it is also imperative to consider pier assessments. By looking at how other employees view a co-worker, a manager can gain an insight into how that person operates behind “closed doors.” Managers can assess how well that person functions in teams and if they carry their own weight while working. You also have to be leery of other employee’s animosity towards certain individuals because this can also cloud your judgement. If a worker feels threatened towards another worker, then they can say things that are untrue for the purpose of self-gain. That is why I feel that it is important to survey all employees in order to receive a correct evaluation.

Finally, there are other factors that may or may not have a bearing in the assessment. I personally would ignore this part of the employee assessment unless there were truly extreme circumstances. In one of the examples that we were given, Joe Blow came into a lot of money but it didn’t effect his work. As long as that employee continued to work well, then I feel that they should be rewarded. The only rationale that a manager would be able to consider is that maybe since this person has all of this money, they won’t be as motivated by a pay raise. On the other hand, if an employee is missing a lot of work for a good reason, such as an illness, then I feel that they shouldn’t have any marks against them.

It would be damaging if all the factors weren’t taken into account and the final analysis was incorrect. This could send the wrong message. If a reward were given to an employee that slacks off at work, then it would send the message that they should keep doing what they’re doing. Other employees could interpret that scenario in a negative way. If they see that the way to succeed is to follow in that worker’s footsteps, then work production might decrease. In the same sense if a negative reward is given to a worker that busts their hump, they might decrease their workload. When dealing with the other factors part, I think that a negative message could be sent if a person that constantly misses work receives a bonus. They might think that even though they missed for good reasons, it is all right to continue this behavior.

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Another lesson that I learned is that managers should use all of the money that is given to them when disbursing it to their employees. If it is not used, then it could be taken away at the end of a semester. This could also back fire when word gets around that the money wasn’t completely used. If employees did catch wind of this they could loose their confidence in management. Managers also have to be careful about the amount that they are allocating. Huge increases in pay can lead to workers expecting those types of increases at certain periods. Take the example of the movie Christmas Vacation when Chevy Chase had already made purchases with the annual bonus that he was expecting from work. When this failed to occur because of cutbacks, he became angered at his company.

Managers should have great communication with their employees. By letting the workers know that the company is doing well and can afford to splurge a little at that time, employees won’t have their hands out come time for a pay raise.

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