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I am not a crook, Richard Milhous Nixon, 7th president of the United States, was born January , 11 in Yorba Linda, California to Francis A and Hannah Milhous Nixon. Richard Milhous Nixon was one of the most controversial politicians. Even with Watergate, and all of Nixons lies and mistakes, many historians call his presidency a success. Richard did not enjoy an easy childhood. His father Francis had a short tempter that led him to his soul hate of his four sons. Nixon did excel in one thing that was school.

Nixon entered Whittier College near his Yorba Linda family home. Richard Nixon was elected president of his class in his freshman and senior year. As president he often attended small groups are the campus. At the small meetings he was shy and reserved, but when he was in front of a crowd he would excel with his speaking skills. To help meet expenses, he drove a truck and picked up vegetables for the family store. He was ashamed of this kind of work and did it before sunrise so that none of his classmates would see him. These kinds of experiences scarred Nixon for life. He resented people who had money handed to them.

His school work and brains paid off as he graduated second in his class of 17. Richard’s good college record and recommendations from his teachers enabled him to win a scholarship to Duke University. He then graduated from Duke with a law degree, and was admitted to the California Bar. In 1 he became a partner in Bewley, Knoop, and Nixon.

Nixon found his love Thelma Catherine Patricia Ryan at the small law firm. On June 1, 140 was a day of wedlock when, Richard Nixon said “I do” and married Thelma Catherine Patricia Ryan. Richard and Thelma would later have two daughters, Julie and Tricia.

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As America entered World War One, Nixon served in Washington, D.C., as a lawyer with the Office of Price Administration. But after the attack on Pearl Harbor he longed for a military post, and became a Navy lieutenant. He was station at Bougainville, when it came under heavy enemy attack. Nixon had horrors of war when he removed corpses from a wrecked bomber. Nixon was popular with the men under his command. The men in the navy were fond of Nixon as he also opened a hamburger shack called “Nicks Snack Shack”. Richard then got discharged from the service in 146.

After Nixon’s fine days in the service, Richard Nixon quickly climbed the political ladder. A group of Republican businesses leaders felt a change was needed. The committee of 100; asked Nixon to run for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. He took the chance and campaigned aggressively and lone to debate with Voorhis, His opposition. Nixon won easily.

Richard Milhous Nixon was reelected in 148. It was at this time that people started to refer to him as “Tricky Dick”. His campaign tactics were anything but noble. He would drive around in a station wagon with a loudspeaker attached to the top, stopping wherever a crowd was gathering and smear his opponent. He quickly moved to seize the next rung, targeting an open seat in the United States Senate in 150.

In 15 the Republican rewarded Richard Nixon as Eisenhower’s running mate. He was an active vice- president, attending cabinet meetings and National Security Council meetings. “Tricky Dick” did assume presidential duties on three occasions, while Eisenhower was sick. During his 8 years as a vice president Nixon made a series of good will tours that took him to enemy continents.

On November 5, 168 Nixon was elected president. Upon becoming president, he turned his attention to foreign affairs. He requested legislation to improve urban transportation, raise social security benefits, fight crimes, and reorganize the postal system. In 170 Richard signed a bill to lower the voting age from twenty-one to eighteen.

Nixon was reelected for a second term of presidency. The major issue before him became known as the “Watergate Case” In June 17, five of Nixon’s operatives were caught going through Democratic National Headquarters at the Watergate Complex. They were later convicted of burglary and political espionage. The president and his leading aids gave hush money to the “plumbers” so they would not involve the White House. But the cover-up collapsed.

The year 174 a grand jury named Nixon as a co-conspirator in the cover up. The House of Judiciary Committee recommends Nixon to be impeached. Rather then get impeached Nixon chose to resign. Nixon’s vice-president Gerald Ford then became president on August , 174. Nixon’s last years gained praise as an elder statesman; Of April , 14 the time of his death he had written numerous books on his experiences in public life and on foreign policy

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